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Commeth the Rain, Commeth the Rain Jersey 
In 2011 Castelli unveiled the Gabba Jersey and soon the pro riders were ditching team issue kit in order to gain that ‘unfair advantage’ it provided when racing in the wet. The amateur ranks quickly followed suit and the success has spawned many imitations. More

Rain Jersey Rumble: Castelli Gabba v Rapha Shadow 
Castelli’s water resistant, windproof Gabba might be the undisputed king of the ‘rain jerseys’ but when Rapha unveiled their new Shadow Jersey, they made bold claims that they had raised the bar. But in a head to head, which of the two will emerge the victor? More

The Best Road Tyres for Autumn/Winter 
Autumn. That time of year when road cyclists ponder that perennial question: “Which road tyres are going to keep me cycling through the worst that Mother Nature can throw at me over the coming weeks?”. Check out our round up of the best for Winter. More

Riding the Maratona 
The Maratona dles Dolomites is an Italian sportive on the bucket list of many cyclists. A veteran of some notable European events, Paul Antony enjoys a spectacular ride and even the early mist failed to dampen his spirits. More

How to improve your descending 
Descending and cornering at speed is the most difficult aspect of road cycling to master, but follow the tips of top coach, Patricia Schwager, and you’ll be flying down those Alpine roads like Vincenzo Nibali! More

How to improve your climbing 
Many of you will have already enrolled for some challenging rides for the coming months and no doubt many of those will involve a lot of climbing.  Follow a few simple tips from cycling coach, Alison Powers, and you will not only become a better climber...you may even enjoy it! More

Have two wheels, will travel. Exploring my little part of Tasmania 
Regular contributor Middle Ringer recently returned to his native Australia, swopping rabbits and squirrels for wombats and wallabies. In his Letter from Tasmania he muses on his initial perception of his new playground. More

312,000 m in a day 
Riding 312 kilometres and climbing 5,000 metres  in a day is not for the faint hearted. Andy Bruce, who modestly claims to be ‘not a great cyclist’ recounts his long day in the saddle competing in the Mallorca312 sportive. But did he make the 14 hour cut-off? More

Top Tips for packing your Bike Box 
Flying with your bike box in the hold can be and anxious experience. Has it actually made it onto the same flight as you and if you are happily reunited at your destination, will it have arrived unscathed? Well, stop your fretting and simply follow our top tips to ensure your bike arrives intact! More

The roads to ride in 2016 
The team at cycle tour operator, La Fuga, have an in-depth knowledge of some of the best roads to ride in Continental Europe. From Norway to Tuscany, Gran Canaria to the bergs of Belgium, they’ve come up with 16 you should consider adding to your bucket list! Or have they missed out some belters?! More

The Lost Art of the Group Ride 
Cycling in a group requires discipline and communication, but, argues Peter Whilborn, the art of group riding is under threat and suggests some simple measures that will make our rides far safer and improve the perception of cyclists by other road users. More

Top tips to avoid those winter flu bugs 
Winter season is the flu season, chirrups Patricia Schwager of Alp Cycles Coaching, but follow her tips on how to avoid the flu bugs to ensure your winter training schedule is not derailed by snot and sneezes. More

Sports Nutrition: Where does your energy come from? 
The moment you start exercising  you immediately start to draw on the energy stored in your body. In the first of a series of informative guides on sports nutrition, Dr Tom Kirk begins by explaining where our energy actually comes from. More

Sports Nutrition Part 2: Metabolism and Fuel Choice 
Dr Tom Kirk how your body’s metabolism and fuel choice changes during exercise and how nutrition can influence this, focusing on metabolism and advising on how to fuel correctly so that you don’t experience ‘the dreaded ‘bonk’!’ More

Training on Empty 
It’s seems counter intuitive to suggest that riding without eating is good for you, but if you are training for the racing season or a gruelling event, then fasted rides can improve your body’s ability to use your fat as fuel. Dr Tom Kirk explains all! More

The Algarve Granfondo 
The popular tourist destination on the Mediterranean coastline of southern Portugal offers some tantalising climbs inland for cyclists and Wheelsuckers’ member Mark Osborne enjoys a local sportive, The Algarve Gran Fondo. More

100 Climbs Better than Alpe 'd'Huez 
Ever since it featured in the 1952 Tour de France, Alpe d'Huez has held an iconic status among road cyclists. But are cyclo-tourists missing out on some equally good, if not better, climbs in the Alps because of this obsession with the legendary Alpe? More

Same trouble, every year... 
Your first ever race can be a daunting experience but, as Mike the Bike reflects, it doesn't get any easier as you get older. In fact, the self-doubt and fear of failure grow ever more acute and the competitors are younger every year but it's a hard habit to break. More

Is Cycling Really so Tough? 
As the photo on the left taken in 1979 illustrates, cycling is a sport in which the participants, especially at the highest level, are prepared to literally lay their bodies on the line for the cause. The physical and mental demands of road cycling are huge, but are they unique? More

Omloop and KBK weekend 
Neil Care has a canny knack of being in the right place at the right time. Once again he's on hand to provide an engrossing fans-eye view of the northern Classics which began with two British victories and a certain Knight of the Realm coming into some great form. More

Does Rapha have a problem? 
Does Rapha have a problem? Michael Bennett admires the master class in branding of the British company and has a few Rapha garments in his wardrobe, but is it all style over substance and can Rapha evolve successfully in a competitive market place? More

My Friday 13th Crash 
You can never second guess what another road user is going to do, but when Lee Thompson had to take emergency action to avert going over the bonnet of a VW Golf, he was left dazed and bruised, but thankful he was wearing a helmet. More

Financial doping 
Dr Garry Palmer recently returned from Nigeria where he had been assessing the fitness of some of the country's top riders. His sobering article explores the road cycling culture in Africa, highlighting some dubious bike maintenance and a plea to help some of these young athletes. More

So What's Club La Santa Really Like for Cyclists? 
Simon Willis was after some winter-training sun and headed to Lanzarote, basing himself at the Club La Santa resort. The island may be windy and the roads may not be as smooth as he had been led to believe, but he'll be back for more! More

Building the Perfect Beast (Part 1 of 2) 
To build or to buy? Trying to get your perfect bike "off-the-peg" can often lead to compromises. Gavin Whitham decided to get his dream carbon-ride the hard way - by getting his hands dirty! Here's how he did it. More

Setting your Saddle Height & Your Frame Size 
Your saddle height is critical and Gavin Whitham has been investigating two methods of getting it right. His findings are interesting, but how do they tally with your own measurements? More

Wiggins reveals 2014 goals 
Sir Bradley Wiggins has announced his hopes and intentions for the coming season, including a shot at Paris-Roubaix and an appearance he hopes will soothe the troubled soul of cycling in the USA. More

Top tips for winter cycling 
Now is not the time to hide under your duvet waiting for Spring to arrive. Follow our 'Top Tips' for riding in the finger-numbing cold of deep winter and you'll be that much nearer achieving your goals for the coming year. And if you have any nuggets of advice to share with your fellow members, then let them know! More

Top content on Wheelsuckers in 2013 
If you're looking for some cycling reading to get you through the miserable weather, here's a roundup of the top most-read articles and forums on Wheelsuckers last year as "voted" by the tens of thousands of people who visited our website. More

Wheelsuckers' 2013 Christmas Gift Guide 
Yes, it's that time of year again, when we road cyclists are inclined to drop unsubtle hints to our nearest and dearest about what we hope to find under the Christmas tree. We've put our heads together to come up with a diverse list of 22 ideas Presents, we think you'll not only want, but your friends & family might actually want to give you! More

Vikings, bomber pilots & a string vest called Brynje 
What have Vikings, Sir Edmund Hillary and Sherpa Tenzing, WWII bomber pilots and the Norwegian Special Forces got to do with road cycling? Well, if you want to keep warm this winter then we can all benefit from utilising an article of clothing they all advocated. More

Is versatility the future of winter cycling? 
In his search for a winter bike, Dave Nash discovers a new buzzword in cycling - versatility. Is the all-rounder bike, at home both on-road and off, the perfect bike for the road cyclist over the winter months?  The cycling industry certainly thinks so. More

Meeting the man with the hammer 
"It happens to us all. It shouldn't, we know it shouldn't, and yet still the moment strikes."  In a tale that will be horribly familiar to many, Wheelsuckers' member Human Cyclist recounts his meeting with the Man with the Hammer! More

Cyclists are a menace to society 
So says Rod Liddle (left), Associate Editor of the Spectator, in his vitriolic and poorly researched article "Off yer bikes! Cyclists are a menace to society — and self-righteous to boot.” Andy Dawson has his say. Have yours too. More

Sell the smooth face, not the wrinkles 
"Cycling is not suicidal". Carlton Reid, Executive Editor of BikeBiz, says it's time to stick up for cycling and that campaigners and the media should do more to stress the positive benefits rather than emphasise the risks. More

Top Tips for Autumn Cycling 
Emily Bronte wrote how the fluttering leaves of autumn were 'bliss' to her eyes. Follow our Top Tips for Autumn riding and you'll be cycling with the same grim determination as Heathcliffe striding over the Yorkshire moors! More

It's Time to Educate Motorists 
The lenient sentence handed out to a man convicted of killing a cyclist in Oxfordshire (Joe Wilkins above) has prompted calls for tougher sentencing. Dave Nash disagrees and argues that it is time to introduce better initiatives to educate motorists about the vulnerability of cyclists. More

The Cycling Jersey with a Cinematic past 
The 70's Italian Team, Cinzano, is more famous for its exploits in the classic cycling film Breaking Away than for anything it ever achieved on the road. Its cameo is one of the highlights of the film as they deploy dubious tactics to nobble the film's hero. Now, you too can pull on the stylish Cinzano kit. More

Tour de France 100: The Great Battles Part 3 
An extreme act of betrayal or a promise fulfilled? In the last of our Great Battles of the Tour de France, Dave Nash reflects on the ruthless duel for supremacy between team mates Bernard Hinault and Greg LeMond in the 1986 Tour. More

Tour de France 100: The Great Battles Part 2 
In part 2 of our series celebrating the greatest battles in the history of the Tour de France, Dave Nash recalls the magnificent duel between two of the most gifted post-war French cyclists: Jacques Anquetil and Raymond Poulidor. More

Tour de France 100: The Great Battles Part 1 
With the Tour de France due to start in only a couple of weeks time, Dave Nash recalls the 1910 edition of the race, which featured an unprecedented and brutal parcours that would test the courage and resolve of even the most hardened of cyclists from that heroic era. More

The Col de Joux-Plane 
The iconic climb in the Haute Savoie region of the French Alps in which the final stretch is exposed and unrelenting. Andy Schleck once said "I'm not necessarily looking for a place on the GC but I’m going to try and test myself on the Col de Joux-Plane." Dave Nash rides it to see what all the fuss is about. More

The Maglia Nera and the Race for Last Place 
Rafael Andriato is probably not a name many of you are familiar with, but the position he held briefly in the Giro d'Italia 2013 recalls one of the most shameful, though hilarious, episodes in the history of cycling. More

The back of 'Hell' - Paris Roubaix 2013 
"To the victor goes the spoils..." but let's not forget the guys at the back. Their heartache after crashing-out, breaking down or being dropped and swept up by the dreaded broom-wagon. A poignant video from the back of the Paris-Roubaix. More

The 'Science' of Tyre Pressures 
Do you inflate both your tyres to the max hoping for optimum rolling resistance? If so, Andy Dawson reckons that you're making your rides tougher than they need to be. More

Why I Can't Wear Replica Kit 
As Rapha unveils its Team Sky replica kit, Nick Williamson ponders the pitfalls of wearing the jerseys of our cycling heroes. More

Wiggins to auction his sideburns (April Fool!) 
When the "news" hit that Wiggo's whiskers were to be mixed with merino wool into a unique Rapha base layer, some people noticed that it was the 1st April, some didn't, and others just joined in for the fun of it. We thought this story was believable. See what you think. More

Our Favourite Cycling Podcasts 
If the abysmal weather means you’re still spending more time tinkering with your bike than actually riding it, a great way to help you while away those maintenance hours is to plug-in your preferred digital player and listen to a nice, warm cycling podcast. More

MTN-Qhubeka: Cycling to end the cycle of poverty 
Gerard Ciolek's stunning victory in Milan - San Remo on Sunday was unexpected and, as Dave Nash explains, the German's win will have huge ramifications outside the world of professional cycling. More

Tirreno-Adriatico Team Sky Photo Retrospective 
It was a frustrating end for Team Sky in the 2013 Tirreno-Adriatico: Froome just missed out to Nibali. Scott Mitchell, the Team Sky photographer, was on hand to record the physical toll of a brutal race fought in horrendous conditions. More

A Day At The Races 
Rebecca Love of Domestique Bliss is back and she's still supporting The Cyclist in his plans to dominate the weekend race-circuit. This time she's facing the prospect of full-frontal male nudity in a village-hall car park at 9am on a Sunday morning. Have you got an image yet?
Part 1 | Part 2

Et tu, Brute! Should Froome be watching his back? 
Chris Froome has confirmed that he will lead the Team Sky defence of the Tour de France against the likes of Alberto Contador and Andy Schleck. But as history has shown us, Froome may discover that his fiercest rival might just be a Knight of the Realm. Dave Nash looks back at other lieutenants who decided to go for glory. More

Ridden: The 1948 Olympic Road Race 
With the ghosts of riders past as his pace buddies, Wheelsuckers' member, Middle Ringer, relives our Olympic history by riding the route of the 1948 race won by Jose Beyaert of France. More

How Secure is the Bicycle in your Garage? 
How much security is too much security? One Wheelsuckers' member ponders this question while introducing extreme measures that he hopes will ensure thieves don't nick his most cherished possession when it's tucked up in his garage. More

Expect the unexpected. Life with a cyclist 
How does a wife, mother and long-suffering partner cope with her road-cycling obsessed husband? Our guest blogger, Rebecca Love, knows only too well. Next time you look at your reflection, clad head to foot in unforgiving lycra, if you cannot snigger at yourself before you go out and “smash it”, then don't read on! More

Killing the Dead Spot with non-circular chainrings
Wiggins and Team Sky uses them. So too does Garmin Sharp. But the amateur peloton has been a little slow to catch up on this technical innovation. We reveal why non-circular chainrings may have finally come of age. More

50 Years on: The Tour de France Legacy of Tom Simpson
Tom Simpson's name will forever be associated with the tragic events on the parched slopes of Mount Ventoux in the Tour of 1967. His premature death may be the lasting image of Simpson, yet one should never forget his tenacious racing style, charm and charisma. More

To Shave or Not to Shave?
It's the question that every male road cyclist eventually has to ask himself. To shave or not to shave? But before you sneak off to the bathroom and reach for your shaving foam is there any real benefit to shaving one's legs and, if not, why do so many cyclists succumb to the lure of the razor? More

Cycling: The Scapegoat for Sport's Doping Culture
Professional road cycling has had some seriously bad press of late, despite the fact that it's leading the way in its fight to eradicate cheating. Guest blogger Freddie Shires asks whether cycling has become a convenient scapegoat for a doping culture that permeates many other sports. More

The Dutchman Who Stole the Tour de France
Thomas Vergouwen, of the website velowire.com, correctly predicted the route of the 2013 edition of the Tour de France. Amazingly, this is the fourth year in a row he has achieved this impressive feat! We find out how he does it. More

Got a Strava KOM? Which one? Garmin or iPhone…
If you need to shave off vital seconds to get that elusive Strava Personal Best or King Of the Mountain, maybe you should give your Garmin the day off and use your smartphone instead. More

On the Podium: the Wacky World of Jersey Logistics!
Four jerseys are presented on the podium at the end of each stage of the Tour de France. We take a look at how they're won and how the organisers provide the right size with the correct sponsor's logo all in time for the podium media-scrum just minutes after the finish. More

A Homage to the Unsung Heroes of Team Sky
2012 was a undoubtedly a fantastic season for Team Sky. We doff our collective helmets not to the riders but to those members rarely seen: operating quietly and efficiently in the background to ensure that the wheels are kept spinning true and the gears smoothly clicking to power the riders to the front of the peloton. More

The Devil wears Rapha: The Life of Giovanni Gerbi
Giovanni Gerbi, the winner of the first Giro di Lombardia gets a nod from Rapha with the launch of their limited edition Lombardia Jersey. An interesting choice for Rapha as Gerbi was renowned for his outrageous and underhand antics that earned him his dubious nickname, The Red Devil, and a place in racing history. Stranger than fiction. More

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