Will i die ??  I am sorry if this isnt the correct section for this and i am sorry that i bring up again this issue. I am guessing you have heard it a lot. But i cannot afford/or dont want to spend a fortune on a full carbon bike from a store ( and i dont like the way the "cheap" ones look like ). I dont care so much if they are as good as the ones from "original" brands or a bit worse. Well i do. But i mostly care if i dont die when and if the frame or carbon wheels break. I have read many opinions and events that have occured and i havent concluded if the risk is worth taking. So could i hear some advice or personal experience from people that bought from brands that have good reputation from china. For example i heard that Farsports make good carbon wheels and yoeleo and leadnovo good frames? Is this true ? Anyone had any of these? Please help if you can.

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Never bought a Chinese frame James but I am a fan of internet shopping and often buy from Europe.  My thoughts are simple; if the thing breaks I have a chance of getting satisfaction from a European firm but if it was Chinese my chance is much reduced.

Having exhibited my pessimistic nature I willingly accept that many of the big-name frames you see on the road were made in China and made very well too.  So maybe I'm worrying over nothing.  But all in all, I reckon I'll continue to enjoy the extra layer of protection that EU legislation offers.

Best of luck.

Is your heart set on carbon James? There are some great deals out there in highly specced aluminum frames and the old adage of ally being a harsh ride doesn't always ring true these days. Like MtB says you are better protected in purchasing from within the EU, I've no experience in buying wheels or frames from China, but have caught a few colds with other purchases.

I just like cipolini frames..so you can understand what i am looking for...thanks for the info and reply. I am 76kg and they told me they did tests on the frame with 200kg. Is that true? I dont know.. I ordered the frame(and wheels from farsport). I feel like i have gambled 1200euros in a casino..now lets wait and see what the outcome will be..I will post when i get them if you guys are interested

Well you pay your money and take your chances. As long as you choose some of the more "reputable" Chinese factories then you shouldn't have a problem (just don't expect a warranty if you do have an issue). There was a really good article on this on CyclingTips, but I can't find it right now. Buy from one of the sketchy companies and you better have good health insurance! 



I bought a pair of knock-off "3T Aeronova" copy bars for decorating the bike room, I could flex them (and probably snap them) with my own two hands - and I am a 140lb road cyclist weakling! Wouldn't even think of riding them.

You have a 'bike room', MR?!?!?!? I am beyond jealous! The Mighty Wiggle is consigned towards a miserable existence (quite unbefitting its magnificence) cowering under an eBay bike cover in the shed! I could weep!

A bike room?  I'm not sure if I have one or not.  My valet takes the bike away and puts it somewhere and it always emerges sparkling clean.  It's a good system Dave, you should try it.

My bike room is known to most as the garage. Bikes have to share with the lawn mover, gardening stuff and whatever else is not allowed in the house!

A lawn mover eh?  How the other half live.

Mind you, I did once see a lorry laden with rolled up turf.  I guess the owner was sending it away to be cut?

It's so much easier that way!

A valet, MtB? I don't suppose I could borrow said servant. I have some cushions that are in urgent need of plumping! Not to mention a dusty Wiggle...


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