Couldn't sort me with a TUE could you mate? No questions asked....

Well, call me a cynical Old Hector, but it seems all of our Team GB/ Tour/Stage winners, appear to be suffering from asthma! That's, of course, if they remember to take the dope test in the first, or second, or third place....

Doesn't have appeared to do me much good mind - I've been knocking back the ventolin for thirty years and I still have to walk up hills. I'm doing the UK Cycling Events 'Devil's Punch' in a couple of weeks, perhaps that nice Mr Allardyce could sort me out with a couple of TUE's? Nice man, very poorly paid tho.......

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We are doing something wrong Dave, that's a fact.  Some say we are too clean, some blame it on traffic fumes and others reckon it's the chemicals that surround us.  But whatever it is, asthma is the result and it's everywhere.

Some sixty years ago, when I sat behind a primary school desk we had a lad with asthma.  He was the only one in the entire school of several hundred kids and, poor boy, was treated as a bit of a freak.  I'm reliably told that now, every class in every school has at least one sufferer, sometimes two or three.

But don't worry, when I'm in charge I shall make it illegal.

It still baffles me that so many of our highest of the high elite level endurance athletes suffer from such debilitating and crippling lifelong (or just during Tour season) breathing conditions that they need to take super strength medications to be able to function! But hey what do I know, I'm no doctor....


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