I commute to work along an unlit cycle path in the country at 5:30 in the morning. As it is getting darker now it got me thinking about my light set up. After trying a few cheap halfords lights I started looking at the much more expensive rechargeable cree type head lights, usually retail around 80 to 100 pounds. I checked ebay and found the same sort of light delivered from China for 30 (1200 lumens). I'm pleased to say I used this light all through the dark season last year and it worked perfectly super bright, little scary at first as I could see loads of eyes on the side of the path, hey I'm only a man some of us get scared. I should say I only used it on the low setting most of the time and the battery lasts approx 6 hours possibly more. Used in rain snow and freezing temps. A couple of guys I work with have now followed my lead and they are really pleased with theirs also. Only drawback with this light it gives very little warning of battery condition, one second it's on full then its gone,I don't have any fast descents so not a problem for me, but I do have a spare light for when this happens.

I am also concerned about my visibility from behind, on the small bit of road I have to use.. I use an led rear light I've got two on my bike, incase battery dies. I have also got a high viz cover on my rucksack, then I hang a flashing led off of my rucksack, one that I pinched off the dog as he doesn't like wearing it on his collar.

Please tell me and others of your experiances with lighting, as I'm sure it could be an interesting discussion.

I could post a link to the light I purchased but I don't know if that is allowed.

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Good discussion topic David - looking forward to the comments particularly with the days soon to get shorter (depressing).

Linking to something you've bought if you think it'd be of use to others is OK!

I would be most interested in the link. you could have 2 on the front and recharge them at alternating times
How long do they take to charge are they a plug in charging type or remove the batteries and put them in a battery charging unit you buy separate



This is the link to the light I purchased. The battery is plugged into a charger, like a phone charger off the bike. It takes up to four hours for a full charge.


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