Employers' attitudes to commuter cyclists varies from Addison Lee at one end of the scale to those who provide cycle storage, showers and lockers. Have you say in the survey below:


A seminar organised by the British Council for Offices will follow once the results are in

Neil Webster

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Hi Neil. Thanks for bringing that to our attention. I'm just about to fill out the survey. But I would like to say that in my experience we don't do anywhere near enough for employees who cycle to work in this country. In the States some employers actively encourage employees to commute on bikes by offering them extra days holiday or free meals in the canteen. 

Thanks for the link, Neil.

I have heard of at least one company in this country paying people a small sum to cycle to work, not a huge amount, but enough to cover a few inner tubes and cables a year.

One company I worked for had great cycle storage, a lockable 40' container in the car park fitted inside with bike racks, there was also a track pump and a multitool left in there. They also had 2 showers and did the cycle to work scheme.

My current job has a shower right next to my office but it doesn't work!

Hi Neil - Have filled in the survey - The company that I work for refuses to get involved in the Cycle to Work scheme - they say that it will cost them too much, however most offices have showers of varying degrees of "niceness"for staff use.

Me - I work from home so I have no lack of facilities :-) 

I'm fairly lucky that my company is rife with cyclists and we are provided with decent shower, but the locker facilities leave a lot to be desired.

I do a 20 mile hike in and my kit is damp when I take it off. Although I have a peg to hang them up on in a communal room which is warm and dries gear quite well, I'd like a more private locker for smaller items.  

Maybe Kat needs to change departments as I work at the same place and we have decent bike shelters, shower facilities, drying cabinets, decent lockers and a cycle to work scheme.

I'd say our Companies' attitude to cycling had changed 100% over the last 10 years. I recall going to a quarterly business brief where our share price was low and the focus was on cost savings, improved performance etc. and there were a number of sound bites played, one of which blamed cyclists for being partly responsible as a small number were known to clock on/off before getting changed. In a place where probably (then) app 5% of the workforce cycled and say, 1% were naybe guilty of the accused behaviour, I thought it was disgraceful to single out cyclists in this context without even mentioning the high number of hourly smokers, long lunch breaks, tea breaks (usually taken after the fag breaks) etc. Got my back up and a complaint to HR was made. Thankfully the attitude is somewhat reversed now. 

On a similar note, the number of executives and directors that cycle now seems through the roof, just need to be more careful who we drop on the commute home now!
Forgot the smiley face, Kat :-)

I'm still suffering with the damp ;) 

I may have to come and work with you Alex - now I know you'd love that!

We have a strong cycling contingent in my company and a whole floor of space to park bikes, plus a great cycle scheme (van Nicholas most recently purchased), which is just dandy because it's my company and I wouldn't want it any other way. We do need to install showers and lockers, tho. All on the To Do list... Cyclists welcome!

Survey by BCO now published. You can find it at:

http://www.bco.org.uk/research/researchreports/detail.cfm?rid=194&a.... File attached as well.

Thanks to all who took part. Seminar to follow, possibly before Christmas, which will continue the great cycling wave in UK



Good stuff. I'd love to cycle to work as it's only around 10 miles. Our offices have great cycle storage in an enclosure covered by CCTV - but no lockers, changing or shower facilities for if you arrive not so fresh. The few staff that do cycle in all live within two miles so don't need them so much.

Anybody had any experience of this club directly or through others? London west-end commuters only though:


Interesting setup: they offer secure cycle lockup (underground), shower facilities and on site bike mechanics.

no direct experience but I have been talking to the owners. concept seems great


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