Took part in a big local ride Sunday.No timing chips,just a ride organised charity ride.Two distances,25 or 45 miles,about 1000 riders took part.This year lots of single speed bikes,flat bars,flipflop rear wheels,some even no brakes,i assume you push against the crank to slow down on the latter.Smart looking bikes though.Made a comment about getting one,i was told to go wash my mouth out with soap by my fellow roadies.Come on! i said a bikes a bike! 

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Ah Shaun, truly you have seen the Light, of the One True Path! Welcome to the Dark Side my friend! I do every kind of cycling on my Charge Plug 1 - sportive, century's, London to Paris, time trialling. And I'm old and crap! Embrace your inner Fixie Love and join us. Once you do, there's no turning back! All the best in 42x16, Dx

Don't do it. That is all.

Don't you listen to MR Shaun, he's positively GREEN WITH ENVY at my 39.35 in the VC Vents Early Season '10'!!!!!!! Singlespeeds ' the MOST FUN you can have on two wheels and no ,dangly bits' guaranteed! 

Beware Shaun, for evil walks amongst us every day.  They may look human, they may sound human but they are shape-shifting lizards sent to destroy us.  Even as I write I am quaking with fear for I have ridden alongside them and once seen they cannot be unseen.

Don,t worry boys my road bike is going nowhere! But i can,t stop looking at the FIXIES,and i,ve got £500 to spend. AAAAAARGH! I,ve just turned 55 yrs old (ex MOD) What the hell is going on! ?


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