Has anybody bought any of their t-shirts?

I like some of their designs but at £22.95 a pop, that is, IMHO, quite expensive for a t-shirt.

I'd love to know what experiences are out there and whether the quality justifies the price.  Don't get me wrong, I'm not against paying a bit extra (after all I own some Rapha!!) but if I'm laying out the hard earned wonga I need to know I'm getting value for money...

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I have one - the Jensie quote - and it is a personal favourite. I wear it loads and don't have any complaints. Seems to be holding up fine. I don't usually pay much for everyday casual clothing (spend more on cycling kit) but if it's something a little different I may splurge from time to time. I like it so that's what counts I guess!
fair one MR. A little of what you like hey...

Quite right sir.  It is a well known fact that T-shirts cost a maximum of 2.65p to produce, and that would be a very posh one indeed.  The plain, unadorned variety probably cost so little to manufacture that they should be given away on street corners as part of the government's monetary redistribution initiative.

I myself am kept in T-shirts by virtue of walking an annual charity event which gives a bright yellow example to all entrants, successful or not.  I must admit there is sometimes a colour clash, particularly when worn under my favourite shirt, which is lightweight and quite pink.  But hey, it's free for god's sake.


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