Hi everyone, this will be my first post.

I once read that we reach our physical peak around 28, & its downhill from there. Well at nearly 74 I must be dead! Strange the HR tells me otherwise. So here's the story.

I lost my wife (Cancer) early 2015 & as I continue to work, looked for an outside interest. Walking was OK but not energetic enough, so I dug out my old 1979 Holdsworth cycle that for various reasons had hardly turned a wheel for over 30 years. Snap decision, bought an Oxford Bikeworks Hybrid, June last year & got pedalling.

I soon found a group in the Chilterns that had a gentle ride out every Thursday, about 20 miles. Fast forward to now & I have got the cycle bug well & truly. My Garmin shows nearly 1500 miles & I have definitely got fitter. Froome & co need have no fear!

So hear is my question. I would love to test myself against others in not only my age group, but who have just either returned to or recently started to cycle. Does this category exist? In 2017 I will be getting a bespoke race bike, will need to get my head down.

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Hello William,

Yours is a fairly common story but none the less inspiring for that.  Long may you pedal sir.

If I were of the same mind as yourself I would track down a couple of local cycling clubs and ring the secretaries for an exploratory chat.  Although I'm no longer in a club I know people who are and they tell me it's a broad mix of members these days, the old strict hierarchy has disappeared.  If you could start riding with an older age-group or a beginners ride it might be right up your street.  And, who knows, this could lead to veterans racing, which still thrives in this country at a very high standard.

And a steady, wiser head is always appreciated for marshalling duties on a Sunday morning, volunteers are specially welcome.

Best of luck ,


Hi Mike

Thanks for your comments. Well 2017 sees me with my lovely Saffron Frameworks lightweight road bike. This can be seen on their web site. What a revelation compared to the Hybrid. I am definitely getting stronger, but alas the years have taken their toll & much as I try, the young ones still blast past me!

I have entered one or two Sportives, raising a pound or two for my chosen charity & really enjoy riding with all like minding cyclist. A recent ride from Penn Estate, near High Wycombe over 2000 took part & it seems I was the oldest! I was trying to beat my PB from last year but missed a turn & added an annoying 4 miles to the timed total. A lovely event,will be back next year.

All the best


Hello William,find local cycling clubs,best way.You might become a slave to Strava,i thankfully am not.

Regards Terry


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