I'm thinking of buying a new Carbon bike in the spring! The one i'm looking at is The Rose Xeon Team CGF. Just wondered if anyone know's much about them, actually has a Rose bike or know's of someone who has one and maybe give me your opinions or advice?

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I don;t know much about Rose bikes, but that one you've pictured must be fast because it doesn't appear to have any brakes! ;-)

Lol!! Not sure why but it show's you your bike build and omits the brakes ;-) They are a company a bit like Ribble but they are German. Seem to get a great write up :)

I visited the Rose Bikes stand at the NEC Bike Show in the past Paul, and have to admit they are great looking bikes (even those without brakes!) and I think the contemporary decals work brilliantly with their paintwork. Talking to the guys on the stand, they certainly feel they provide excellent value for money and I think there is a lot to be said for buying a bike off the internet from the likes of Rose and Canyon. They do appear to offer excellent and high spec for the cost. Canyon is another manufacturer you should consider if you go down this route - they consistently score well in reviews.  

The Canyon Aeroad CF SLX 6.0 was Cycling Weekly's Race Bike of the Year (2015) and sounds like an awesome bike to ride - a 'stealth bomber offering superbike performance at a realistic price'. Realistic being £2700. OK, not cheap, but if it rides as good as it looks . . . .

Thanks for the input Dave! I'm off to the London bike show at the beginning of February to see said bike but will also take a look at the Canyon while i'm there plus way up all other options. I have a max budget of 3k and the green light from her indoors so it's all good :) My current carbon bike is a Ribble so dealing with internet companies is in my opinion great value. Just need to see them in the flesh before i take the plunge!

Oh! and i'll make sure it has brakes ;-)

This is a much better bike than I am a rider, so I will probably never get to throw a leg across it.  But my pal Sam, who knows a lot about most things, reckons they are a good firm to deal with.

I said, "What, better than Halfords?" and he laughed.  Oh how he laughed.  He's probably still laughing now.

It's a much better bike than i am rider to MtB but i'll get the feel good factor at least lol ;-)


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