The Only Road Bike You'll Ever Need - and it only cost £250!!!!

Just got back fro a hilly CTC Early Season 50, which gave me the opportunity to check out the new Wiggle Road Bike that we'll be riding a few stages of JOGLE on in September.

Wiggle's Road Bike is like Sainsbury's Basics range, only you can sit on it and have a lot of fun! I was a bit worried what exactly £250 (well £237.50. when I got it) would buy ne - a horrendous BSO or a hidden gem?

I needn't have worried, THE BIKE IS FABULOUS!!!!! The aluminum frameset is a tasteful gloss gun metal grey and has fixtures for ghastly abominations such as racks and mudguards... The 14 speed Shimano Tourey gears, after many years on a Singlespeed are perfect, crisp shifts even under load and a rescued me from my usual Walk of Shame on every hill that confronted me. The wheels seemed to stand up to the myriad of potholes that litter HCC's roads but I did swap the 25mm Kenda tyres for my beloved Schwalbe Marathon Pluses at point of sale, because those baby's are BOMBPROOF!

A particular surprise were the other contact points, the Velo saddle joined forces with my Botty Heaven bTwin shorts (£7.99) and was super comfy, and the cork bar tape was thick enough to withstand the cobbles of Paris Roubaix!

All in all, a brilliant bike at a price you can tell your wife/significant other about. Buy One, You Know it Makes Sense....

No hyperbole was hurt in the making of this review. Amazeballs!!!!

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If you get the chance Dave, have a look at the Cycling+ article which features this bike.  They partnered it with another, which attracted only mediocre praise, and so I've forgotten it.  But yours was given a sparkling review over a weekend ride in the dales or somewhere similar.  They really liked it, reckoning it was worth double.

Incidentally, I see you are riding "... some stages of JOGLE ..." but not the full distance?  Oh dear, another of my heroes falls from grace!

I've tried googling (Missus, obvs...) to try and get hold of the CPlus article, I'll pop em an email, I'd love to see it. Seriously impressed with the Wiggle, it rides like a dream (did it show in my review?!?  Devastated to have shattered your dreams tho - not sure how many stages I can ride, I'm hoping all of the ones from the Midlands down. It's partially because it's a Women Only ride and I'm supporting a friend, and partly work commitment during the summer holidays -the stresses and strains of the En Aitch ESS. Talking of stresses and strains, I've got a boil come up today, I don't suppose....

Can I just TELL the Missus that my bikes all cost £250 from Wiggle?  ;-) 

Weeeeell MR, have they got Wiggle logos on the down tubes, authentic 'Gear Choice of the Gods' Shimano Tourney gearset and a Botty heaven saddle. Hmmm, with some judicious logo downloading from TintyNetaMeBob you might just get away with it...

Have a look at today's Road cc website Dave, but before you do try to guess which bike is headline story?

Thanks for the heads up MtB!!!! Like you say, it's the exploding Team Salbutamol wheels that takes the headlines tho, grrrrrrrr!!!!!

Found it MtB, CPlus Jan 2017. Have ordered a copy on this darn newfangled IntyMaBob. Thanks for the heads up. Hoping to get out on it tomorrow (first ride in two weeks, since the pneumonia-ma-bob kicked in for the umpteenth time since Christmas. Hopefully sorted now. Isn't our En Aitch ESS wonderful! 

The back issue just arrived today MtB! Great to see such an open minded review of a bike that costs less than some pairs of road shoes/bib shorts. The bike is fab for the money and I was prewarned by the CTC mags review to ditch the Kendas for a pair of Schwalbes, other than that, I've kept the bike 'as is'. After centuries (time wise) on a Singlespeed, fourteen gears seems positively indulgent. Who was it whose mantra was, ahem, Death before Derailleur? Sorry, the name escapes me for a moment....

While you were patiently awaiting the arrival of the magazine I was trying to find my copy, but I probably gave it to one or other of the friends who are too tight to buy their own.  Still, you've got it now and will no doubt read, re-read and read again the article until your eyes bleed.  And why not, a man must get his fun where he may.


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