What's the best (worst?) leg-quaking, lung-busting climb you've ever done? If you know the rough Cat rating/average gradient and distance then you get extra brownie points! A photo from the top would also be nice but understandably a bit shaky.

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If you're local to the Halifax area, how about Lee Lane(??)
That's the very steep (1-in4?) cobbled climb from Shibden Mill Inn, up to the artifical ski-slope at Pule Hill

A few years ago, tey even sent the Tour of Britain up there, & boy, did it split them up!!!!

That looks truly awful.

Good luck with the Marmotte - now that really is a challenge. but the hills around your neck of the woods should keep you in good stead!  The group I cycle with have started using Strava on a regular basis and has certainly increased the competitive edge when we are out riding!

A cracking ride But if you go further along the valley past Todmorden and look out for the signs for "Shore" it'll take you from the floor of the valley to the very top to the Long causeway in approx@ 1 Mile. some 1 in 4 sections and probably averages just under 20%. Love riding round that area,so glad I live where I do.


Sometime it depends on the context and whereabouts during your ride that a particular climb comes. For example, Alp d’Huez isn’t that difficult a climb on its own, but at the end of an event like la Marmotte - when you’ve already done Glandon, Telegraphe and Galibier, it becomes a very tricky customer indeed, especially in the July heat.

Absolutely - which is why it has become the iconic climb it is!  very true about the heat issue too - when you have to contend with 30 degrees plus temperatures and the heat bouncing off the asphalt into your face you have no hiding place! Never ridden Alpe d'Huez but from my own riding in the Alps it makes a huge difference when you climb and what has proceeded.

Only ridden in GB, so it has to be Sutton Bank, North yorks moors (2nd day of a 2 day C2C). Only 25% though. 

Is that Crawleyside? I remember 2nd day of C2C being a bitch!

Hi Walter Sutton Bank is six miles (9.5km) east of Thirsk (or 7.5 miles (12km) west of Helmsley) at the top of Sutton Bank on the A170. My profile pic is me struggling up it. I did a 2 day C2C with a group of firefighters from Staffordshie (10), it was great, & fantastic being part of a small but effective peleton. First day was hardest at approx 120 miles, & just 79 miles left to do on the 2nd day. The ride is on my Strava acc http://app.strava.com/athletes/12248 June of 2011, so someway back if you want to have a look! No I wasn't doing a track stand on the hill - I really was that slow!

Only ridden in GB, so it has to be Sutton Bank, North Yorks Moors (2nd day of a 2 day C2C). Only 25% though. Not sure of the distance, but the 25% bit was about 1/4 of a mile?

Love that 'only 25%' line Bill - even the Angliru in Spain can't match that!

Quite. When I see a 25% sign I'm usually rolling backwards!


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