What's the best (worst?) leg-quaking, lung-busting climb you've ever done? If you know the rough Cat rating/average gradient and distance then you get extra brownie points! A photo from the top would also be nice but understandably a bit shaky.

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Funnily enought, I know someone who did just that on a 25% climb in Dartmoor - "I can't unclip, I can't unclip" he was yelling as his backside descended towards us!  We have not let him forget this and we never will!

ha, ha, I can picture that :-). I'm doing the Cornwal Tor next weekend, so will let you know of any mammoth climbs, I don't think there are any biggies, just loads of medium ones!

The climb from Lofthouse, North of Pately Bridge is a killer, Not done it yet with the Garmin but Strava reports it at 1.3miles average 9.9%. It has a real tough start to it then seems to go on for ever!

It's a bit off the beaten track but worth finding.

Lofthouse climb, North Yorks

I'm not a great climber being 6'2" and 84kg (mixing of imperial and metric there) and most of the roads around my home are undulating but with no major climbs unless you count the Mennock Pass near Wanlockhead, which has been used in the ToB a couple of times. In comparison to Alpine passes it's really nothing much but from the start it's a near eight mile climb on an ever steepening road to the summit. The wind more often than not, because of the topography howls down the climb making it harder than it really should be - for me anyway.

A few years ago I had an "off the cuff" go at the Col de Joux Plan, again from Samoen. It was not on a road bike, but a MTB that I had a couple hours hire left on. Me and my son thought, what the hell, we've got some water, the temperature is about 36 in the shade, but let's give it a go and see at least how far we get. Full MTB's are not the equipment of choice for such an attempt, and in all honesty we didnt get much further than three miles up the climb before deciding that our efforts were always going to be in vain. Shortly afterwards we were sitting outside a bar in Samoen with a large glass of water and a beer!! I will however return one day with the correct equipment and legs and give it a more serious bash.

If you do find correct legs, please let me know where, as I've been looking for nearly three years now!

Ha Ha, good one Nick. Once I've got the best out of them (if I ever find them!!) I'll be sure to pass them on to you!! I think a lot of problems with me on hills all start in my head - see first line of my post on this thread. negative straight away!!

On one of our charity rides of 2011 had a very challenging climb up Abbotsbury Hill, Dorset, at the start of the third day.

I'm sure there are much tougher climbs but this caught almost everyone on the ride out and only one rider in our small group made it to the top.

Great view back over Chesil Beach though:

As an individual climb I find the Glandon from Barrage side more difficult than AD'H or Galibier to be honest -  especially the first half

Hi David, is the barrage side from south to north? This is the direction La Marmotte goes and I had hoped the Glandon was an easier ride as a warm up for Telegraph/Galiber which follow it!

Hi Richard.  Unfortunately, yes it is!  There is a short descent after 10km - be aware of the nasty steep bit which follows.  Once you reach the lake though you can begin to relax.  I'll be sharing your pain, I'm also doing the Marmotte this year - first time I have done Glandon, Galibier & Ad'H all in one day

haven't done the galibier but did do the glandon (s-N) this summer 1 day after the Alpe de huez and i found it much more pleasant (except for the unexpected steep re-ascent after the lovely downhill you mention) - i thought the Alpe was a bit of a slog (keep turning the wheels hair pin after hairpin...) with a lot of traffic wheras the Glandon may have been a little harder but thoes views!!


Hardest was Tenerife from sea level to the hotel at the ski lift I think it's about 9000 ft and the oxygen levels really change it was also 30c when I did it.

The Col du Toumalet is also pretty hard going after the Col de Aspin and Col d'aubisque in the same day.


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