Breakaway with Terry Hayward

Breakaway is our Members' Q&A where we interview a rider we believe has made a significant contribution to our cycling community.

In the hot seat this month is Terry Hayward.

Terry joined Wheelsuckers in September 2013 and has been a top contributor ever since!




  1. What was your first bike and/or your first road bike?

    I learnt to ride on a hand-me-down from one of my older brothers.  It was a single speed with bald tyres, twisted handlebars and no brakes.  My first pride and joy was a purple Raleigh Chopper 3 speed which I must have got when I was 8-10 years old.  How i never killed myself on it I’ll never know.  The wheel wobble at speed and the fact you could get 3 comfortably on the seat was a recipe for disaster but like so many things in the 70s, that was the thrill of it!  My first road bike was another Raleigh with 3-speed Sturmey Archer gears.  I loved that bike and cycled many miles before it was stolen and my days in the cycling wilderness began!

  2. When or how did you get into road cycling?

    My bike was stolen back in the 80’s and I also got into motorbikes and cars and consequently, for 20 years, I didn’t really cycle.  I  rediscovered my love for it after a holiday with friends in Tuscany in 2011 where 1 of the group suffered serious bike envy and could name just about every bike he saw on the roads around where we were staying.  After listening to him and reading various magazines, I decided to buy a bike and have a go on the road. The choice was a good, new aluminium frame or go second-hand and get a full carbon.  I decided on the latter and I’m glad I did because, according to my wife, I’m now obsessed!  

  3. What is your current road bike(s)?

    I have a 2010 Scott CR-1 with Dura-Ace groupset.  I can’t fault the bike.  It’s light, very quick and pretty comfortable.  I also have an old Trek hybrid which spends its life attached to my turbo trainer in my office. It’s great for those icy winter days or for thinking time when I can just jump on it and spin for 10-30 minutes.

  4. Just road biking or do you engage in any other cycling disciplines?

    Just the road at the moment.  I do so many other things (golf, ski SCUBA dive) that there is no time for anything else.

  5. Where is the best place you've ever cycled in?

    I live in the Peak District and I’m therefore surrounded by stunning scenery, quiet roads and fabulous villages to visit. I have a regular route that takes in Long Hill, the Goyt Valley, the Cat & Fiddle and Axe Edge and I can extend it out onto the Staffordshire Moors or over Eccles Pike and around Combs Reservoir.  The climbs are tough but the views are breathtaking and on a blue sky day there is nowhere I’d rather be.  I have to have a cafe on route serving good strong tea to wash down an Eccles Cake or a slice of Bakewell Pudding!


    Descent to the Goyt Valley – scene of Terry's maximum mph! 


  6. Is there a professional cyclist, living or dead, who you admire above all others?

    Like so many it was Lance Armstrong.  I feel he let cycling down – not just the drugs (which so many were engaged in) but his treatment of team mates, his lies and deceit and his refusal to accept it for so long even though the evidence was overwhelming.  Sir Chris Hoy has been a wonderful ambassador for cycling but above all I guess it has to be Eddy Mercx.  An incredible athlete, whose achievements are unlikely to ever be equalled let alone surpassed.  

  7. What is your favourite pro race and why?

    It has to be the Tour de France.  Although I wasn’t particularly into cycling for many years I always followed the Tour de France.  It is the ultimate test of athleticism and endurance and has produced so many great champions.  Watching the battles in the mountains or tight sprints after 200km of hard cycling make it an incredible spectator sport and spectacular when it all goes wrong!  My enduring memories are of Hinault, LeMond and Indurain in the 80’s and 90’s, the incredible Marco Pantani and of course, in more recent years, some great British victories for Wiggins and Froome as well as stage wins for Cavendish.  Being in Yorkshire and Derbyshire this year for stages 1 and 2 was something I’ll never forget.  British cycling is riding the crest of a wave at the moment and the millions who turned out to watch made it an atmosphere that no other event could ever replicate.

  8. What is the hardest ride you have ever undertaken?

    Well I’m doing the Wiggle Peak Punisher in a couple of weeks and that sounds like a real barrel of laughs!  When I was 16 I did a 5 day tour of N Wales on my 3-speed Raleigh and I remember some pretty tough days, especially around Blaenau Ffestiniog and Capel Curig.  I recently did the Manchester 100, my first century but that was relatively flat!

  9. What has been the toughest climb you have taken on and how did you cope?

    I was bought Simon Warren’s books last year and I set out on a mission to do all the climbs in them within striking distance of home.  The toughest of all has been Winnats Pass, just over a mile of 1:5 with a ramp in the middle that must be 1:4.  First time I had to stop halfway but I’ve now completed it a couple of times.  My aim is to do it without getting out of the chance!!

  10. What was your very best day in the saddle?

    Hot off the press and whilst I am still aching, yesterday I did the Jaguar/Sky ‘Ride Like a Pro’ event from Royles of Wilmslow. 50 miles through beautiful Cheshire countryside and villages.  Having abstained from alcohol on Saturday and had a relatively early night I decided to cycle to and from the event – 19 miles and 1200’ of climb for an 8:30 Grand Depart.  As soon as I left home I felt good.  A cool morning, dry road, no wind and very little traffic saw me to the start line in just on an hour.  The event itself was something I had never experienced.  70+ cyclists, Sky liveried Jaguar and riders out front and off we went.  At mile 10 I had found my place (just on the back of the leading group). By mile 20 I was wondering when the pace would relent.  At mile 30 the front group had split and I found myself in the 2nd group of 15-20 riders.  By mile 40 I could no longer do my share on the front and was happy to be pulled along and when we hit the finish I was ready for my coffee and cakes.  I’d been told that riding in a Peleton was different and so it was – an amazing experience and without doubt the fastest I’ve ever been over a sustained period on a bike.  Here’s to 2015!

  11. If money was not an object, which bike would you like to own?
    The Look 695 Aerolight ‘ProTeam’ which is the bike I’d probably buy if I had £7K to spend on one.  Given that divorce is even more costly, I’ll stick with my CR-1 for the time being!!  As far as classic bikes go I’d love to get hold of the bike that Jacques Anquetil completed his hat-trick of Grand Tours on and I’d ride it in L’Eroica.


    Terry's dream bike: Look 695 Aerolight "ProTeam" 


  12. If you could invite three guests from the world of cycling to join you for dinner, who would you invite?
    Eddy Mercx, Bradley Wiggins and Victoria Pendleton
  13. After your bike, what do you regard as your most essential piece of kit?
    My helmet.  I never cycle without one.  I’m amazed how many people do when just a small tumble can cause irreparable damage.
  14. Do you have a piece of cycle kit (not including your bike) that you particularly cherish?

    In the winter, I absolutely love my Rapha classic cycling tights!  Enough said.

  15. Do you have any pre-ride rituals or habits?
    No, not at all.  I’m not really a creature of habit and I’m not superstitious so I just check the weather, get my kit on, check the bike over and get going.
  16. Cake stop during or after your ride?
    During.  It’s not a proper ride without tea and cake.  
  17. What's your favourite cycling-related book?
    Put Me Back On My Bike, the biography of Tom Simpson.  I knew the story, I just never really realised what a legend Simpson was because he was just before my time.
  18. What’s your favourite cycling quote?
    Give a man a fish and feed him for a day. Teach a man to fish and feed him for a lifetime. Teach a man to cycle and he will realize fishing is stupid and boring.” – Desmond Tutu
  19. What’s your favourite cycling-related photo?
    The 2014 TdF will live long in the memory of every British cycling fan.  The numbers that turned out to view it on remote stages in Yorkshire and Derbyshire were simply staggering. 


    TdF Grand Depart 2014. Photo courtesy of @Liverpoolmerc 


  20. Do you always wear a helmet? If so, do you think the wearing of helmets should be made compulsory?

    Yes. I never ride without it. No, I can’t stand the nanny sate – it should be personal choice.

  21. What's your typical meal before (a) a morning ride and (b) an afternoon ride

    I always have porridge with plenty of berries in it washed down with tea or coffee.  If I’m riding in the afternoon I tend to have a couple of flour tortilla wraps with chicken, tuna or prawns and plenty of salad.

  22. Traffic lights - do you always stop on red? If not, why not?

    Always...well, nearly always but traffic lights at road works really annoy me so I have to admit that sometimes I do sneak through on red if its clear and safe to do so!

  23. Shimano, Campagnolo or SRAM?
    I only have experience of Shimano and I think on my next bike, I want to try the Dura-Ace Di2
  24. Strava: Do you love it or hate it?

    I like it.  It’s not perfect but it’s fun at the end of a ride to see how you did compared to others.  It also gives you that impetus on a good day to set a few PBs. 

  25. How do you use Strava? If you have a KOM, do you specifically go out to try to win it back?

    I just like to track my rides and to be honest it’s how I perform against myself that interests me most.  I know my capabilities and I just like to see my performance improving since I’m still relatively new to road cycling.

  26. Do you have a favourite mapping device or app for planning cycling routes?
    I just use Strava.  I also run another App called MyWhereAbouts which posts your location to Twitter or facebook at set intervals.  My wife likes to know I’m safe and on the move!

  27. If you use a turbo, what’s your favourite music to listen to or do you relieve the tedium by other means?
    As long as it’s loud I don’t care.  Guns and Roses, Thin Lizzy, Bastille, Queen and Bon Jovi are all on my playlist.

  28. Do you shave your legs?

    You have to be joking.  Bad enough wearing tights!

  29. What 3 words sum up what cycling means to you?

    Freedom, challenge, satisfaction.

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