Q. Are there any community guidelines? 
A. Yes. We have a great community and, so far, everybody has been fair and decent in their postings and comments even when disagreeing with the views of others! We want to keep it that way. Please read our community guidelines before commenting or adding content.
Q. Is there a mobile version of Wheelsuckers? 
A. Yes we have a mobile-optimised version of the full website. For more details go to the announcement: New mobile version of Wheelsuckers is launched.
Q. Can I control the email notifications from Wheelsuckers? 
A. Yes, you can control them. By default you will receive emails for all activities on the site that relate to you. For example, you will receive email notifications if you post content and other's 'like' it or comment on it. Likewise, if you comment on somebody else's content, you will get an email each time another member comments on it. Some people like this, you may not!
To control what emails you get, go to your email settings and uncheck all email notifications that you do not wish to receive. We recommend that you do NOT turn off all emails or uncheck the notifications in the "Requests & Invitations" section. If you do this, you won't get notified of any groups you're invited to and you won't receive invitations to events. It might get lonely and you may miss out on some nice ride invitations!
Another option is to change the email notification frequency from "Instant" to "Daily". With this setting you'll get a digest of activity in one daily email rather than lots of individual email notifications.
Q. Who can see my profile, photos etc? Do I have privacy settings?
A. You have complete control over your privacy. By default, all visitors and members can see the content you post including your comments. To change this, go to your privacy settings and select who can see your profile and different types of content. This can be "Anyone", "Just my friends" or "Just Me".
If you'd like to share most of your content with others but selectively choose not to do so with specific content, you can select the same privacy options on a case-by-case basis for each piece of content at the time you you add it to the site.
Note that if you set your profile to anything other than public, others who are not your friend will not be able to find your profile or see your details. This maybe what you prefer but if you want other members to find you, say, based on location, leave your profile privacy set to public.
Visit How to configure your privacy for more details
Q. How do I change my profile photo?
A. You can do this from your profile settings. Alternatively, click "My Page" from the main menu to reach your profile page. Hover your cursor over your existing profile photo. "Change photo" with a camera icon will appear. Click on this and follow the instructions to upload a new photo.
Q. What can I do with a Group and how do I create one?
A. You can create a group by visiting the Group page and clicking the +Add button. For full details see Creating & Managing Groups on Wheelsuckers.
Q. Blogs, Forums & Groups? What's the difference?
A. A blog post is typically an opinion-based article. It's the ideal way to share your ideas, experiences or viewpoint on something cycling-related. It could be a review of your bike, some kit you have, a top-10 list, a training tip, a route you've ridden, even a cycling book you've read.
Think of a blog post as publishing your own page in a magazine and you won't go far wrong. For a good example of an opinion blog-post see "Who will win Milan-San Remo this weekend?"
A blog post can also be useful to share something you've seen on another website and you also want to add a comment to go with it. For a good example of this type of blog post see "So what does 'Wiggle' mean?"
For the forum, think Q&A, discussion or conversation. If you have a 'how to' question on cycling, however basic, or you want to help others out by answering their questions, this is the place to go. The forum on Wheelsuckers is organised by category under which many relevant discussions can sit. You can create new forum discussions and reply on those created by others.
A group is a 'network within the Wheelsuckers network'. It's where members who share a common interest can 'meet' and discuss. Examples of common interests might be members of a cycling club, riders within the same geographical area, owners of a brand/model of bike, lovers of XYZ brand of clothing. Groups can be open invitation (public) or invitation-only.
Note that any member can create a blog post, forum and/or group subject to the Wheelsuckers' community guidelines.
Q. How can I find other members in my city/county/country? How can others find me?
A. At the top right corner of every page is a search box "Search Wheelsuckers". Enter the city, county and/or country you're interested in and hit return. The search results will list members and content that contain those keywords providing their profile(s) and/or content are set to 'public'.
If a member has set their profile/content privacy to anything other than public and you are not their friend, they will be hidden from you. Likewise, if a member has not added a City/Country/Country to their profile, they won't appear in the results of a location search.
Q. How do I upload content to Wheelsuckers?
A. Our get started section shows you what you can do on the site or go directly to add your photos or add your videos. At the top right of each page there's an "Add" button. Click on this and follow the instructions to add your content.
You can also add blog posts. This could be about your last ride/race, a review of your bike, clothing or component - any topic really (though, preferably cycling related!)
Q. I've seen members' content that has been "featured". What does this mean and how can I get mine featured?
A. Easy! Just make your photos impressive and your blogs & videos interesting! We don't moderate content before it's added but we do review it to see if other members would enjoy it. If we think they would, we'll feature it! Featured content appears on the Wheelsuckers home page and at the top of the photo/video/blog pages.
For privacy reasons, we can only feature your content if you have it set as 'public'.
Q. Why does Wheelsuckers have advertising on the site?
A. We want Wheelsuckers to always remain free to its members but there are costs we have to incur to maintain the site and to add new features for you to enjoy. To cover our costs we do carry some advertising though we only consider adverts that we believe are relevant to you. We also aim to make any advertising as unobtrusive as possible.

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