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Review: Bonza Bike Box

One of the knock-on effects of the boom in road cycling as a recreational sport has been the huge increase in cycle tourism and, as recent posts by Wheelsuckers’ members testifies, there is no corner of the earth that is immune to exploration.

For many of us, trips abroad are now an essential part of our cycling calendar and with new cycling nirvanas being discovered every year and innumerable travel firms offering bespoke cycling trips, it appears that the appetite for overseas…


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Vittoria Corsa G+ Road Tyre

Review: Vittoria Corsa G+ Clincher Tyre

Over the winter months I rode (and tested) the Rubino Pro G+ tyre from Italian tyre specialist, Vittoria, and was impressed not only by the durability and grip they offered, but also their low rolling resistance. In short, a winter/training tyre to compete with the perennial bestsellers out there.

For those not yet up to speed on the Vittoria G+ range…


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Cycling Vietnam: Same same, but different!

Same same, but different. It's a saying the Vietnamese use to describe the way they do things, how they live, what they're selling, almost anything. It boils down to how their way of life is essentially the same as Westerners, but actually very, very different!

Same same, but different: Vietnamese way VS the…


Added by Middle Ringer on April 29, 2017 at 7:42 — 3 Comments

April 200km Audax done, 10 to go!

2 down, 10 to go; that is, a 200km ride in each of 12 consecutive months. This month I took myself off across the border and into the Borders. Relatively close to home, an area that I've driven past many times on the way to the Scottish Highlands, I'd possibly never have thought of riding here but for this ridiculous challenge that I've set for myself. My route started at Langholm and had to visit Innerleithen, Biggar, Moffat before returning to Langholm. It hasn't really turned to Spring up…


Added by Andy Bruce on April 21, 2017 at 19:28 — 1 Comment

Review: Vittoria Rubino Pro Control G+

Innovations come in many forms and whether it is frame design, components or clothing, brands are constantly looking for the ‘next big thing’ that will allow them to steal a march on their rivals. Tyres are no exception and with many cyclists tending to favour a particular brand, manufacturers are always looking at improvements to their rubber compounds that might cause cyclists loyal to their competitors to switch across!

The search for the ultimate cycling tyre continues, but when…


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Five of the Best: Road Cycling Helmets

It’s always heartening to see the first daffodil blooms lighting up the verges and to know that spring cannot be too far away. Whether it’s those deep rims you’ve been secretly coveting all winter or (yet) another addition to your cycling wardrobe, now is the time to make those all-important upgrades for the warmer months ahead, to ensure that both you and your bike are looking sharp!

It’s common knowledge that one should always replace a helmet that has been involved in a crash, even…


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Disc brakes: the best option for road bikes

The Vuelta a San Juan, held in Argentina in January, doesn’t usually attract much attention in the cycling press, but this year it grabbed the headlines when the Belgian Quick-Step rider, Tom Boonen, won the bunch sprint to clinch Stage Two of the race and, in doing so, became the first ever pro rider to win on a bike equipped with disc brakes. …


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An Audax Adventure

In the last couple of years I have been dipping my toe into the world of Audax. For the uninitiated Audax is the art of long distance cycling with a rather more adventurous and self sufficient approach than Sportive rides. Distances vary but short events/rides start at 100km, 200km events are really popular and from there the distances just go up and up with through the night riding on 3,4,6 & 8 hundred km events. The Paris Brest Paris & London Edinburgh London are examples of the…


Added by Andy Bruce on February 1, 2017 at 13:21 — 6 Comments

Five of the Best: Winter Bib Shorts

The mild autumn we enjoyed in the UK this year allowed us to wear our summer kit well into September and October. Now that we are heading towards winter a little more protection is required, both from the cold and wet.

There was a time when cyclists would automatically reach for a pair of bib tights at the first sign of winter, but advances in fabrics in recent years have resulted in many manufacturers producing bib shorts that offer protection from inclement weather.…


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Bike Club Ghana

This Friday, myself and fellow co-founder of Wheelsuckers, Nick Williamson, will be setting off to Africa to cycle 500km in five days across Ghana .  .    on mountain bikes! We will be raising money for a UK Charity called Child.org and their partner in Ghana, the Shape Lives Foundation. 

One of their most innovative projects is their Bike Club, which provides bicycles to children and members of the wider community. A bike in the rural…


Added by Dave Nash on November 16, 2016 at 10:30 — 1 Comment

Kit Review: dhb Classic Rain Shell Jacket

Even with four apps, TV and Radio to hand, rarely do the weather forecasters get it right, especially this time of year.  Getting caught out in the summer rain is usually no big deal, but this time of year with the cold and occasional frosty mornings, there can be a heavier price to pay! 

So more often than not I’ll pop out with some form of lightweight rain jacket or gilet stuffed in a pocket.  Recently I was armed with Wiggle’s dhb Classic…


Added by Mark Howard on November 15, 2016 at 11:09 — 1 Comment

Do you even Zwift, bro?

When it comes to indoor training I’ve always been in the “short sharp suffering in the pain cave with intense intervals and no distractions” type of guy, but after clocking up a few rides in the virtual world of Zwift, I’m converted! I know it's coming into those cold, dark, icy winter months for you Northern Hemisphere folk so you'll soon be heading…


Added by Middle Ringer on November 8, 2016 at 9:41 — 4 Comments

Top Tips for Autumn Cycling

We’ve enjoyed a relatively benign autumn this year, but in less than a fortnight the clocks will go back and we will once again be plunged into those darker, murkier days, so if you are still rolling around in your summer bibs, you’ll soon be placing them in hibernation for the winter months

The autumn months can be schizophrenic in nature – blue skies one moment, torrential rain the next, so never is it more important for the road cyclist to be meticulously prepared for changing…


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Book Competition: Ride Strong

Sorry. This competition is now closed.

There is a saying in cycling circles that you win all your races in the winter months and this is a sentiment increasingly shared by amateur cyclists who are looking ahead to new challenges or simply wanting to record a few PB’s on Strava. A implementing a structured and focused exercise plan will help you to achieve your aims and objectives.

A new book,…


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Review: Schwalbe Pro One Tubeless Tyre

So hands-up,  how many of you have switched to tubeless tyres? Probably not that many, despite the fact that several manufacturers have been selling ‘tubeless ready’ wheelsets for a few years now and in August, the market leading brand, Zipp, finally announced the launch of a tubeless ready version of their bestselling carbon rim, the 303. 

Several tyre manufacturers were quick to seize on the tubeless market, including Maxxis, Hutchinson and Kenda, but it is Schwalbe who have been…


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Tubeless Tyres Explained and Demystified

There is no escaping the fact that Tubeless Tyres are becoming increasingly popular with road cyclists. For many, however, especially those who have grown up using clinchers and inner tubes, there has been some scepticism about a tyre that doesn’t have a tube and a reluctance to embrace this new innovation.

In the article below, Bob Nunnink, from Stan’s NoTubes in the USA, explains what the tubeless system is all about – how it works, the benefits…


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Book Competition: Break Away

Sorry but this Competition is now closed

One wouldn’t immediately make a connection between Sir Bradley Wiggins and Frances Willard, the 19th century American temperance reformer, but they are both great champions of cycling. Sir Brad is often cited as the catalyst of the boom in cycling and, likewise, Frances Willard was to be heard extolling the virtues of the bicycle as a deterrent to the wicked…


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Review: Rapha Pro Team Aero Jersey and Bib Shorts

 At the end of the 2016 racing season the four year partnership between Rapha and Team Sky will come to an end. Simon Mottram, who founded Rapha in 2004, believes the relationship exceeded all expectations and, as marriages go, this is one that has borne much fruit in a very short time!

Extensive research and development has gone into the clothing worn by Chris Froome and his team mates and this has trickled down into the clothing that Rapha now offers its customers.

The Pro…


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HOY Vulpine Launches AW16 Modular Range

Hoy Vulpine have today unveiled their new Modular range for Autumn/Winter 2016, which the UK brand claims will provide flexible solutions in changeable conditions and see riders through the entire season, from warmer early autumn afternoons, to freezing, dark, deep winter mornings. The collection is the latest manifestation of the ongoing collaboration between Vulpine and Sir Chris Hoy…


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Competition Winners: Ventoux

Bert Wagendorp’s novel, Ventoux, tells the story of six friends – five boys, one girl – who set out to conquer the legendary Mont Ventoux on their bicycles in the summer of 1982. It has sold over 140,000 copies and has even been made into a film. You can read a full review by Wheelsuckers’ member, Mike the Bike, who concluded that ‘it’s…


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