Five of the Best: Free Mobile Cycling Apps

With so many cycling related apps to chose from, it's not easy deciding which ones to download and which to ignore. The Wheelsuckers team have put their heads together to select 5 FREE apps that we think could really enhance your road cycling experience.

We would love to hear your recommendations too - but also the bad and the downright ugly! Which apps do you use on a regular basis and which to you think we download at our peril!


iTire Pressure from Vittorio
iPhone and Android

The debate about what is your optimum tyre pressure is one that can keep cyclists who care about these things arguing long into the night! From the Italian tyre manufacturer, Vittorio, comes this clever little tool to help you calculate the pressure of your bike tyre and maybe clear up a few arguments once and for all! All you have do to is enter a few technical questions like the type of tyre you run and the weight of you and your bike, your riding conditions and terrain and iTire will suggest the tyre pressure you should be riding on. It's quick and very easy to use. The correct tyre pressure is one of the most important needs of any cyclist, but is often overlooked by many so this is an app that might make for a more comfortable and safer ride and increase the life of your tyres too!


iPhone and Android

'Track your progress and challenge your friends' Crikey, how did we survive before Strava?! Whether you are an addict or recent convert, Strava has probably destroyed your post-ride banter yet it's hard to deny that even used at its most basic level, this is an innovation that offers a quick and easy to use analysis of your rides. It's also an effective way to keep track of your fitness levels. The huge success of Strava is due to its ability to analyse your performances in relation to your friends and other riders. This is a phenomenon that has brought out the latent competitiveness in even the most rotund MAMILs. If you haven't given it a go, then do so . . . but be prepared for the shouts of "Strava Whore" as you accelerate away from co-riders!


Team Sky

2012 was a great year for Team Sky, but with David Brailsford and the team now focusing their attention the Classics as well, then the coming season could be another bumper year! Featuring race and team reports, rider biogs, blogs, photos and videos - this app packs as much punch Ian Stannard bossing the peloton and will keep you up to date on Wiggo, Froomy and Co as they contest the racing calendar! Features, profiles and reports relating to the foreign contingent in the Sky squad will also be a reminder that though it is a British team, the riders have been recruited from all four corners of the globe.


iPhone and Android

The SatNav for cyclists, BikeHub is an intuitive route planner that allows you to select a route based on criteria ranging from quieter roads or the fastest routes It also has several clever little features; bike shops and sites of interest, for example, can be pinpointed on the map and the app will direct you to them if you chose to make a detour. Directions can be set to audio or a vibration option that will alert you to upcoming turns. The makers also allow for maps to be downloaded in advance in case you are concerned about mobile coverage. It's a far cheaper option than buying a Garmin Edge 800, but you will need to buy a mount and a waterproof case if you want to keep an eye on your progress throughout your ride.


iPhone and Android

If you are having trouble shifting those mince pies from around your midriff then this calorie tracking app might help you to squeeze into your bib shorts when the warmer weather arrives. Forget fad diets, MyFitnessPal is based on the simple rule that the best way to lose weight is to simply keep track of the foods you eat combined with exercise and achievable targets. The app has a massive database of foods and a barcode scanner that makes uploading of your consumption straightforward. You can set yourself target date and weight and MyFitnessPal will calculate your recommended daily calorie intake. It then tracks your progress, taking into account any exercise you do. It does take a little getting used to and you have to be disciplined with imputing the correct information, but used correctly, the app offers a viable way to help you shift some timber!

If you've used any of these cycling apps or if you have any you'd like to recommend, add a comment about them below!

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Comment by Dave Nash on February 25, 2013 at 10:26

This is one app that all cyclists should have! Fill that Hole! (by CTC)

Report potholes from the UK roadside with this free app. You spot the road defect, Fill That Hole contacts the highway authority to get it fixed. Potholes can be a hazard when you’re on your bike and on foot - and a liability when you’re driving your car. Fill That Hole puts you back in control of the streets. 

Comment by Mark Robinson on January 27, 2013 at 21:14

I have been using Cychosis on my iPod for a long time to track my rides. As this is only available on Apple I've been looking for a cycle journal app but to no avail. However, although its not an app does the same - and maybe better. I use Strava and found it very useful. Love the fact that it encourages me to push/pace myself and see if I can get the better of much younger friends and family. I also use MyFitnessPal and lost two stone with cycling and sensible eating. Just wish the Team Sky app was available on Andoid (trying to keep with Android and not have apps on my iPod). Might have a butcher's at the iTire one though.

Comment by Paul Doe on January 25, 2013 at 20:10

I've lost the weight of my bike with this little app. it is easy to use and comes with videos to help. Cannot recommend this more highly.

Comment by Dave Dee on January 25, 2013 at 14:53

CycleMeter is pretty good, I looked into it when I was thinking of buying an Edge 810. It offers all the live tweeting, email updates based on distance/time travel etc.

Comment by Barry Teal on January 25, 2013 at 12:13

I've got the OneLifeID - got the Sqadra 1st & later the dog-tag to wear permanently.

Never heard of the iTyre App but I'll try it (I use Conti's pressure recommendations at the mo).

My Fitness Pal is absolutely excellent - both the App AND the website, which is more comprehensive as you might expect. If you're trying to drop some timber before the season starts, this is for you.

Comment by Andy Dawson on January 25, 2013 at 10:02

From your list I have Strava and Team Sky. 

Team Sky has obviously put some effort/money into their app: latest news updates, great profiles on the riders and race calendar (a little sketchy in parts - wiaitng for updates?) plus video snippets. There's also a link to "Map My Tracks" which looks like another Strava/Endomondo type app. If you're a pro race fan, the Team Sky app is really worth the (free!) download

Another one I have is Ride ID. Simple idea to aid the emergency services should you have a spill. You can add your ICE (In Case of Emergency) contacts' details plus date of birth and limited  medical background (blood type, allergies).

Most people password-lock their phones so the best you can do with Ride ID is to add your info into the app then set it as your phone's wallpaper. As I said, simple but it is free! Personally, I'd go for something like OneLifeID for ICE - OK, not an app (wristband/dog-tag) but it won't get smashed in a crash or end up flying out of your pocket into a field either.

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