We just barely said goodbye to 2017, but the chatter about the 2018 spring is already buzzing. Spring means a new cycling season, and as a bicycle enthusiast, you’re probably bursting with excitement. Well, what better way to welcome the upcoming season than by giving your bike a makeover? It’s time to freshen up your favorite two-wheeled vehicle in preparation for the sunny days of 2018!

Clean it up

Before you get started with anything involving your 2018 bike tune-up, you should dust it off properly! Clean the frame, the chain, every single part of your favorite ride before you tweak it or tune it up. A couple of rags, some tissues and a disinfectant spray should be enough.

Lube the chain

Waiting for potential squeaks to get you to take matters into your own hands is downright irresponsible – this can lead to unnecessary complications and, over time, chain replacement. We recommend that you lube the chain before each spring season (of course, dusting off and rinsing with a damp cloth goes without saying), and this is especially important if you listen to music while riding your bike – don’t wait for somebody to tell you that you’re squeaking and grinding around town.

New tires

Fresh rubber is important for a wide variety of reasons, the first and foremost being safety! Worn out tires tend to slip easily and don’t work well with brakes, which are the number one road safety priority! If you’ve left your bike out all winter, you will need to do more than inflating the tires; replacement is the smart way to go!

Alternatively, fresh new tires allow for a sweet, smooth ride, and we are fully aware of how important comfort is for long bicycle rides. Also, the fresh set of tires will make your bike look fly!


I don’t know the particular bicycle laws in your area, but lights are incredibly important for your own safety. Make sure that you’ve installed visible lighting in the front and in the back. Of course, you can go with something that’s both stylish and functional; for example, programmable lights are an awesome modern techie idea that can spell out words and phrases or project images while you’re on the move.

Still, safety comes first, never sacrifice this for aesthetics!

Check the suspension

Suspension plays a huge role in terms of ultimate comfort and avoiding unnecessary wear-and-tear to other parts of your bike. Checking it on a yearly basis can help you prevent extra costs further down the line. We recommend using high performance suspension fluid from Rockshox, specifically designed for mountain bike application, which does say a lot about its performance.


Although a fresh coat of paint will help protect your bike’s skeleton, this tweak is mostly aesthetic in nature. For this, however, you’ll have to take the whole thing apart and start sanding the particular areas you’ve decided need painting. If there are parts that you don’t want painted, take them off! After applying several thin layers, let the paint dry and reassemble your fresh-looking bike!

Handlebar tape

Anyone who rides a bike frequently should use handlebar tape, and this is a no-brainer! Of course, peeling off the old tape and replacing it with a new layer is simply unavoidable; over time, these tend to wear out. Handlebar tape is hugely important for your hand comfort!

Sprucing up your bicycle for the upcoming spring 2018 season is an important activity for any bike enthusiast. It is essential that you clean the whole thing up well before proceeding to any other aspect of the bike makeover! Lube up that chain, get some new tires, install cool light solutions, check the suspension, repaint and replace the handlebar tape! Now, you’re good to go!

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