H2GLOW - The Illuminating Water Bottle

Like quite a few people who went to the Bike Show at the Excel London at the weekend, I didn't rock up looking for an illuminated water bottle. I did, however, come away with one and mighty pleased I did too!.

And judging by the reaction I've had to this natty little bidon - ranging from a squeal of delight from my 10 year old to an enquiry from another cyclist as to where she could buy one (an enquiry, amazingly, that came literally 10 seconds after turning it on for the first time!) -  I am now certain it was quite a canny acquisition! Couple with this the fact that by Saturday afternoon  the team on the H2GLOW stand were down to their last remaining bottles suggests that I am not alone in my enthusiasm!

Walking around the London Bike Show on Saturday, one is constantly taken aback by the huge spectrum of products on show that make the cycling industry one of the most dynamic and vibrant. The H2GLOW stall  might  have been dwarfed by its swankier neighbours in the hall, but this innovative and clever design with that 'Now why the hell didn't I think of that!' factor is just another example of one of those clever little niche ideas that catch the eye.

The success of the H2GLOW bottle is in its very simplicity.  A set of LED lights - you have a choice of white or coloured -  are integrated into the bottle cap and  a simple push button operation provides three different pulsing modes. The light generated is impressive, as the whole bottle becomes illuminated - visible, so makers claim, from 300 metres away. 

H2GLOW is another potential addition to the cyclists' weaponry in our never ending attempts to be seen by other road users, Also bear in mind that many bike lights do not necessarily add to your visibility to anyone approaching from your side, then you can appreciate the benefits of this beacon of light emanating from your bike frame! And you could even whip it out when signalling in the dark too!

It's both  funky and functional and that's something that is quite hard to achieve with an object as unremarkable as a water bottle! It can be bought individually, but can also be branded and  comes in a variety of colours, so plenty of options are available. And what is more it is a British design (with a worldwide patent pending) and manufactured in the UK using 35% recycled plastic - all good!

OK, some might baulk at using an accessory like this, but for the commuter or road cyclist who values safety over style, then this could be for you. And whilst I would be the first to admit that It may be some time before we see the H2GLOW adopted by the professional peloton, think about this:  if Sir Brad had had an H2GLOW flashing away in his bottle cage - in Sky Team colours of course - then he might have avoided that altercation with the white van lady!

More information about the H2GLOW bottle, stockists and branding can be found on the H2GLOW website.


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Comment by brad ball on March 19, 2013 at 16:43

Hi Rafe,

I am sorry the site did not make the battery issue clear. I will make sure i address this in the coming days. You may be pleased to know the caps are made using 100% recycled plastic:)

Yours and all H2Glows customers are valued to say the least, and your correct in saying the funds will help us design the next generation of cap.

Thank you for your feedback.

Stay safe.

Brad Ball MD H2Glow 

Comment by Rafe Aldridge on March 13, 2013 at 14:09

I just bought two as I'm doing a couple of 100+ mile night rides in the summer and thought a bit of extra sideways-on illumination would be good for my safety. Such a simple idea, can't wait to see them in the dark.

They arrived today and look very good. I doubt they'll replace my Camelbak Podiums as my favourite bottle, but for the night rides they'll be ideal.

Only thing is I couldn't see how you can change the batteries, so emailed them (no reply yet). Then I remembered this review, checked back, read Brad's comment and now suspect you can't. That's not ideal, not at all environmentally friendly (Andy will probably want to untick his environmental box) and should be made clearer in my view.

Changeable batteries or not, the product suits my needs and I'm pleased to be supporting an innovative British product. Let's hope us early adopters give them the funding and encouragement to address any issues.

Comment by brad ball on February 25, 2013 at 15:06

Hi Andy,  thank you for your kind words regarding our H2Glow. we have now managed to get the lights to last for 48hrs. the coloured ones are a tad better than they were at 24hrs.

we are currently working on a cap with changable batteries. 

thanks Brad, MD H2Glow

Comment by Paul Doe on January 25, 2013 at 20:47

Ha, i bought one for a fiver. Just to encuorge a great design.

Comment by Andy Dawson on January 22, 2013 at 8:38

This is a great (simple) idea! Love that its British and that it's made from some recycled plastic which gives it a tick in the  environmental box.

Looks like it would certainly improve visibility from the side particularly when turning right from a major to minor road where danger is at it's greatest from "sorry I didn't see you mate" collisions.

Battery life seems reasonable - their website reckons White LEDs last 24 hours and colour LEDs 14 hours -  but the cost of batteries over time could be high (I assume these use those small CR2016/DL2016 lithium types?) so it'd be nice to see a rechargeable option at some point. Knog for one has done this with their small lights so the technology is there.

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