Hövding - a bicycle helmet like no other!

For those of you old enough to remember Gerry Anderson's "Space 1999", the style of this cycling helmet may seem vaguely familiar. 

Yes, that's right, the Hövding is an "invisible" cycling helmet or, to put it another way, an airbag for your head...and, no, it's not the 1st April again.


Designed and manufactured in Sweden, Hövding is worn as a collar and inflates automatically when triggered by sensors during an accident. The manufacturer claims it complies with European safety requirements. This video shows it in action.

This futuristic head-gear is meant to appeal to riders that don't like to wear helmets. The company cites the following reasons why Swedes dislike traditional helmets including they're "difficult to carry", "hideous looking", "you can't get your hat on underneath" (well, it does get pretty cold in Sweden) and they "ruin your hair". Be warned though, if you do favour a mohhawk, afro or dreadlocks (and who doesn't?) the Hövding may not inflate properly.

It's an interesting concept though not one that's likely to catch-on with enthusiastic road cyclists - let's face it, if most of us were that worried about our looks, we probably wouldn't wear lycra...it's also an additional 700g around your neck which won't please the weight weenies out there.

The Hövding will set you back £380 pounds and once inflated, you'll have to buy a new one at a discounted price. We're not sure if it'll inflate when you take a tumble after forgetting to unclip but, if it does, that's an expensive way to get a laugh.

For more details, visit the Hövding website



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Comment by wells small on August 4, 2012 at 8:44

Amazing! I thought it was a joke until I watched the video.

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