MEMBER REVIEW: dhb ASV Professional long sleeve jersey and bib tights

Winter is a difficult time to dress for. Layer too lightly and you will find yourself struggling to stay warm, overdress and you can just as easily overheat. One of the things I’ve learnt over the years is that you can never have too many autumn/winter/spring options in your wardrobe to tackle the UK’s ever changing conditions!

Thanks to the great guys at Wheelsuckers and Wiggle, I was recently sent dhb’s top line ASV Professional Roubaix long sleeve jersey and bib tights to test through the dark and stormy winter months.

With the aid of the online size guide and a tape measure, I chose a small jersey and medium bibs. Wiggle do state that this is their "performance" range, with a much tighter/closer fit than their other two tiers. They weren’t lying. The bibs were a perfect fit to my whippet-like frame, giving good length in the leg to keep the ankles protected and a comfortable span across the shoulders.

The chamois pad is dhb’s top tier and never had me shifting around in my seat. While not quite as comfortable as other high end pads, it certainly holds its own and for the price it is almost unmatched. My behind was untroubled on regular hour-long commutes and weekend three hour club rides. Anything more though and I deferred to a more “premium” brand in my wardrobe.

To keep you warm the tights are made with “premium Italian Roubaix fabrics” although according to the label they are made in Bosnia Herzegovina (make of that what you will).

The small sized jersey came up a little tight on me. It’s a bit of a stretch to wear a thick winter base layer underneath. A short sleeve base layer was fine, but the jersey material a little “scratchy” against the skin. When standing upright, I found the jersey a little tight across the shoulders, but when crouched low over the bars the cut of the top was ideal. In hindsight I probably should have ordered a medium. Let’s just hope I don’t pile on too much weight in the future.

I tested this combo through temperature ranges of -2 up to 12 degrees C, usually paired with a long sleeve base layer. I found it worked best at the bottom end of that temperature range. Cooling was aided by mesh inserts behind the rear pockets, but anything over 8 degrees and I found myself overheating! The three ample sized and easily accessible rear pockets plus a fourth zippered pocket were perfect for winter essentials and plenty of ride fuel.

Aesthetically I wasn't a fan of the block colours on first sight but the look grew on me over time. My wife on the other hand (who is much more style savvy than I) thought the jersey/bib combo was very smart! The look is quite understated and should appeal to those not wanting to be a walking billboard, no flashy logos or branding here. Subtle reflective details are also a bonus for those dark winter rides.

Overall I was very impressed with the kit, as I have been with dhb kit in the past. Even their top tier performance range represents incredible value for money. Sure, the performance and comfort isn’t quite up there with some more recognisable brands, but neither is the price tag! Being lucky enough to already own some high end branded kit I usually ended up choosing to use the dhb gear for my commutes rather than longer weekend rides, but I have no doubts that anyone purchasing the ASV Professional range will be more than happy with it! From a performance per £ standpoint, you can't go wrong!


Performance – 70%

Styling – 65%

Comfort – 70%

Features – 70%

Value for Money – 90%

Overall – 73%


The dhb ASV Professional long sleeve jersey and bib tights are available exclusively through Wiggle online for £42 and £56 respectively (prices correct at time of publishing).

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Comment by Paul Robinson on February 6, 2016 at 13:20

Taken delivery of this jersey this morning. First looks and i was impressed with the quality and feel. Fits like a glove so great in that respect and loving the look of it. Says on the tags attached that it is waterproof! I suppose the proof of the pudding will be in the eating and will be wearing it on my first Sportive of the year tomorrow (some rain expected).

Very pleased with my purchase :)

Comment by Paul Robinson on February 2, 2016 at 21:59

Cheers MR! I've taken a punt and ordered the XL. I reckon for £42 you can't be bit :)

Comment by Middle Ringer on February 2, 2016 at 19:59

Mass production in a cheaper country paired with a much smaller advertising/marketing budget probably helps to keep the costs down somewhat. You can tell the quality is not quite up there with premium name brands, but it's certainly in no way low quality gear.

Paul - I have a medium Castelli winter jacket that is a good fit for me. I think ordering the same size in this dhb range as your Castelli gear is about right.

Comment by Rob Metcalf on February 1, 2016 at 16:07

I've got a few bits of DHB kit too. It's always a good fit a great value for money.

Comment by Dave Rowe on January 31, 2016 at 20:53

An excellent review as ever MR, I love dhb gear - high performance for relatively little money. I tried out my dhb Flashlight Windproof Fluro Jacket today in pretty horrible conditions and certainly found it both windproof and pretty much waterproof - all this for, currently on Wobble £35, amazing value! Like MtB says, how come other company's charge so much, and don't even get me started on the subject of derailleur gears, haha!

Comment by Paul Robinson on January 31, 2016 at 17:25

I was only looking at this jersey earlier this week! I quite like the look of it myself and as you say it's great value for money. The reason i didn't go for it was the sizing. I take an XL in Castelli and it says to go 1 up from your usual size. I'm 6ft and my fighting weight is 12st 7lb. I can't be a 2XL surely? I like a nice snug fit but not so aero tight you feel constricted. Great piece of kit for the money though!

Comment by Mike the Bike on January 31, 2016 at 16:14

I've got a couple of dhb items in my slowly expanding wardrobe and you have to wonder how they do it for the money.  Although perhaps we should really be asking why the others charge so much?

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