REVIEW: Gore Power Windstopper AS Jacket

When Wheelsuckers' member Rory Owen went shopping for a new cycling jacket that would provide the necessary protection for the onset of Spring, he opted for the Power Windstopper Active Shell Jacket from Gore Bike Wear.

Gore is a brand that consistently offers stylish, well constructed cycling apparel that really performs in the conditions for which they are intended.  The American manufacturer is synonymous with innovative materials, most notably their ubiquitous Windstopper and Gore-tex fabrics.

This lightweight jacket, which is a new addition to the Gore stable this winter, forms part of their Power range. For anyone unfamiliar with Gore's outfit systems, they offer different ranges of cycling apparel that are designed to be worn together in specific climatic conditions for both male and female cyclists, thus ensuring comprehensive performance and ride comfort throughout the year, whatever the weather! The Power collection is geared to provide optimum performance and protection for cooler conditions, but not deep winter riding. Think Spring, Autumn and milder Winter days. Over to Rory . . .



It is recommended by Gore that the Power Range should be used by cyclists who ride medium distances, so as I cycle a relatively good length every day I opted for this range.  My last Spring/Summer jacket had lasted me two years, which considering the amount I use it, isn’t that bad! I have a separate jacket for the Winter so it was about time I invested in a new one for Spring. My last one was a Soft Shell, but having recently purchased an Active Shell jacket last Winter, I went for AS again. Its more lightweight that Soft Shell, which suits me better as it accommodates other layers, acting more like a featherweight windproof barrier as opposed to another thick layer (which can be the case with Soft Shell).

I’ve been a huge fan of Gore Bike Wear for a while now, after  the brand was recommended by a friend who had started wearing their gear. Prior to that, I used to purchase a few different jackets that were quite cheap and required me to wear about four layers! Throughout the last few years Gore have refined the lines and products that they are bringing out, which makes it a lot easier for me to pick the product I want!

Stylish from both the front and back: The Power Windstopper AS Jacket.

Unlike previous Power jackets, this new jacket has incorporated Windstopper fabric. My first impressions from trying it on were that it was lighter than my previous Power jacket; the Windstopper Active Shell claims to be one of the lightest shells on the market and I can see why! I’m not the most stylish of people but the jacket did look pretty good too and felt fitted as well - I went for the Red/Black combination that includes reflective detailing and a yellow zip for added style.

As I commute to work, this road cycling jacket seemed like the logical choice for me this season. Designed for cool weather, the Windstopper fabric certainly helps to achieve a good balance of protection in the transitional months between Winter and Spring.  Riding in a strong bluster, which did it’s best to deter me from my ride, the Windstopper technology duly provided the necessary protection!

The stretch inserts in the jacket allow freedom of movement and versatility, which is crucial for an avid cyclist such as myself. For me, there is nothing worse than being partially restricted in your movements when on a bike! There is a stow away pocket on the back. Zipping up the jacket was smooth and easy with no snagging, which is an issue I often find with jackets from other brands.

The men's black version and the women's blue version.

Having arrived at work unscathed, and as there is no place to hang jackets up I usually just opt for the stuff sack method if the garment’s not to wet. No problems there. The jacket merely crumpled into the bottom of my bag, which is testament to the lightweight material it’s made with. In fact, Gore market the Power Windstopper AS as a jacket that can be stowed in a rear jersey pocket, such is the lightweight nature of the garment.

Another plus point worth mentioning is that the jacket has good reflective features on it; checking out the sleeves while I rode, I could see that the reflective stripe detailing across the arm was working effectively.  There are also some nice touches with the logo on the chest and arm also being reflective, with further detailing on the back for extra visibility.

To sum up,  it is fair to say that the Power Windstopper AS Jacket does itself proud. It’s worth investing money in a good jacket that will last and also provide the necessary level of comfort and performance. You really do get what you pay for with this new offering from Gore.

Happy riding!


 The Gore Bike Wear Power Windstopper AS jacket comes in both a male and female version.

The Power Windstopper Active Shell Jacket is widely available online and in selected stores.  It comes in a selection of colours and  costs £139.99 for both the men's and women's version. For more information on Gore's extensive range of cycling apparel, visit the goreapparel website.

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