I was always curious about the origins of the Wiggle name and thought it was a brand borne from the creative ramblings of a well-paid marketing agency. Not so. It seems it's more Del-Boy than Sachi & Sachi!

Apparently the company's founders started out by selling anything that they thought they could shift quickly and at a profit (including adult 'toys'!). They didn't want to restrict themselves in terms of merchandise; Wiggle seemed like a good, nonsensical name that wouldn't pigeon-hole them.

Interestingly, they went into bike retail by accident when they acquired a bike shop as part of an office purchase.

In an interview with Cyclingtips Wiggle CEO, Humphrey Cobbold, talks about the origins of Wiggle, their aims including an impressive £300 million turnover in 5 - 6 years (2011 was £87 million) and touches on the animosity that local bike dealers have towards the company.

Recommended reading if you're interested in the behind-the-scenes dealing of an online retailer of bikes and kit.

There's also a video of the interview - a bit low-quality as it's been captured over a webcam.

What's your favourite weird brand name?

Andy Dawson

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Comment by Dave Nash on March 27, 2012 at 10:24

In cycling, rather than home appliances, I don't personally like the bikes that take the name of a famous cyclist. There are stacks out there - Boardman, Merckx, Cipollini, Moser . . . the list is endless! OK, they might be great bikes and the respective 'names' behind them may have had a had a huge amount of input into the design and technology, but it is a bit like a cannibal eating the flesh of a slain rival - do cyclists who buy these bikes somehow think they will inherit the cycling prowess of their heroes?! That said, I have a mate who owns a Fausto Coppi and the way he was riding last weekend suggests that he had indeed inherited a bit of the Italian legend . . . either that or he had been sharing Coppi's passion for amphetamines!

Comment by Andy Dawson on March 26, 2012 at 17:09

I think the Smeg giggling started after Red Dwarf began using the term in a derogative way.

Comment by Nick Williamson on March 26, 2012 at 14:53
Maylarch would be one, Smeg has always made me giggle

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