Back in Glorious Blighty after 5 days in Flanders taking in a couple of kermesses and the Ronde Museum in Oudenaarde. The dog's doodahs!

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Comment by Mike the Bike on June 19, 2018 at 17:52

Quite the wanderer lately, David. Not satisfied with zooming up and down the Jurassic Coast you've upped sticks and gone abroad, you little Bill Bryson you.  I used to do stuff like that, but as I get older I find I can't be arsed to stir my stumps too far from home.  And there's the lady of course; before my last little jaunt she looked at me with those big cow eyes and said she wished I wasn't going.  How's a man supposed to summon up the spirit of adventure under those circumstances?

But I still find it exciting to bolt on the rack and panniers and I love the planning and the maps.  Especially the maps.  Bugger the satnav, there's no better leisure activity than looking at a map.  I even have plans to paper the long wall in the dining room with old Ordnance Survey maps and charts of the French coast.  But I'll have to play my cards carefully; the last time I floated the idea those big cow eyes flashed a violent shade of angry.

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"47m in the farm lanes around Alresford. Plenty GUANO and me my virginal white bar tape! Thank heavens for baby wipes! Still gleamo gleamo!"
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"The uninsured arse that assaulted the Wiggle AND got between a man and his carrot cake, got a 2'yr ban, 2k fine and 350 costs Justuce!"
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"We've all heard of helmet hair, but balaclava hair, not so much. I unpeeled this morning's layers and that's what I found. It ain't pretty."
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