Dilemma! The Wiggle's riding like a dream, but it's 8 months since its last service. What to do...

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Comment by Dave Rowe on August 18, 2018 at 9:54
As ever, I'm admiring the cut of your zealously lubed jib MtB! The Wiggle, as befits a velocopede of such magnitude, is 114% cleaner than it was in the virtual showroom except, that is, for the bit at the back of the seat tube behind the bottom bracket. That's a disgrace! Fettling however with my nail are regime is just not an option. I've noticed the erstwhile grubbilly fingered youths in the bike shop are now wearing latex gloves. But with my shellacs, no way Jose....
Comment by Mike the Bike on August 16, 2018 at 17:29

I just don't know, you young whippersnappers seem to have lost the plot when it comes to bike maintenance.  To remind you of the system that has held me in its thrall for nigh on sixty years:

A bicycle must at all times be 114% cleaner than in the shop.  A really good man (it's always the men) would carry a damp cloth on each ride to remove all signs of dirt at every stop, and this seems a perfectly sane precaution to me.

Each set of friction inducing components, be they easily accessible lever pivots or deeply hidden freehub bearings must be cleaned and freshly lubed every time a member of the cabinet is forced to resign. I must confess this current parliament has seen an unprecedented upsurge in sales of grease, but nevertheless we must keep up the good work.

So there you have it Dave.  Get out into the shed, avail yourself of the Swarfega and do what a cyclist does best ......

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