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Commeth the Rain, Commeth the Rain Jersey 
In 2011 Castelli unveiled the Gabba Jersey and soon the pro riders were ditching team issue kit in order to gain that ‘unfair advantage’ it provided when racing in the wet. The amateur ranks quickly followed suit and the success has spawned many imitations? More

Rain Jersey Rumble: Castelli Gabba v Rapha Shadow 
Castelli’s water resistant, windproof Gabba might be the undisputed king of the ‘rain jerseys’ but when Rapha unveiled their new Shadow Jersey, they made bold claims that they had raised the bar. But in a head to head, which of the two will emerge the victor? More

Five of the Best: Long Sleeve Jerseys 
Long sleeve jerseys are perfect for colder riding conditions or a useful additional layer when paired with a winter jacket when the mercury is struggling to rise above zero degrees. Check out our pick of the best on the market for Autumn/Winter. More

Review: Castelli Perfetto Jersey 
Castelli’s Perfetto jersey is essentially a light weight Gabba – windproof and water resistant, but ideal for milder autumn days and wet summer rides. Sceptical at first as to whether this was a niche garment, Dave Nash is now smitten. More

Five of the Best: Winter Overshoes 
Cycling in wintery conditions soon exposes the flaws in your wardrobe and your feet, which are essentially static on your pedals, are vulnerable to low temperatures and water ingress, so a decent pair of overshoes is an absolute necessity for winter riding. More

The Best Road Tyres for Autumn/Winter 
Autumn. That time of year when road cyclists ponder that perennial question: “Which road tyres are going to keep me cycling through the worst that Mother Nature can throw at me over the coming weeks?”. Check out our round up of the best for Winter 2015. More

Revew: OneLife iD Stealth Squadra wristband 
The team behind OneLife iD believe that carrying your id and essential medical and ICE details when cycling should be as natural of pulling on a pair of bib shorts. Their Stealth Squadra wristband is just one of their invaluable products. More

Five of the Best: Saddle Bags 
Love them or hate them, there’s no denying that a decent saddle bag will provide some useful storage and free up some space in your rear pockets. Our latest Five of the Best looks at some of the more discreet on the market, that will not interrupt the aero lines of your bike! More

Review: Scicon AeroComfort 2.0 TSA Bike Bag (Part One) 
The Italian brand, SCICON, has over 30 years of experience in manufacturing bike bags and boxes, often working alongside with pro teams to develop their products. The AeroComfort 2.0 is Scicon’s top of the range bike bag option. More

Review: Scicon AeroComfort 2.0 TSA Bike Bag (Part Two) 
Having provided an a comprehensive ‘first impressions’ assessment of the Scicon AeroComfort Bike Bag, Wheelsuckers’ member, Mark Howardd gives his lowdown on whether this is a bag that provides the necessary protection on your travels. More

Review: Tannus Aither 1.1 Solid Tyres 
Thorns, broken glass, potholes...and safety pins. Nothing can deflate the Tannus Aither 1.1. solid tyre. Middle Ringer tested out a pair prior to their UK release but does the experience leave him pumped-up or feeling a little flat? More

Review: Sealskinz Halo Overshoes 
Incorporating lights into cycle clothing is a growing trend with manufacturers and Sealskinz have stolen a march on their rivals with the introduction of their Halo range of overshoes. But it's not just about the 4-lumen light on the heel that make them a great product. More

New Tyres for Winter riding 
If you haven't swopped to your winter tyres already, then now is the time to do so!  Many of the big tyre manufacturers have unveiled new products to ensure you retain speed and grip, but avoid puncturing on every thorn and flint!  We give you the lowdown. More

Five of the Best: Gilets 
A gilet is a versatile garment and particularly useful in the colder months when you may need a little more protection around your core to keep the blood flowing to your extremities. With plenty of choice to suit all wallets and needs, we give you a rundown of five of the best on the market. More

Five of the Best: Retro Jerseys 
Our love affair with the era of Merckx, Moser and de Vlaeminck continues unabated and the retro jerseys worn by these cycling gods continue to inspire contemporary designers and fuel the market for faithfully reproduced reproductions. We offer five of the best, most striking, retro cycling-jerseys currently on the market. More

Book Review: The Race against the Stasi 
This is the new book by acclaimed cycling author Herbie Sykes that tells the story of the cyclist and hero of East German sport, Dieter Wiedemann. In 1964 Wiedemann did the unthinkable: he defected to the West. This is a tale of love and betrayal set against the Cold War and the Peace Race - the 'Greatest Cycling Race on Earth'. More

Rapha's Autumn/Winter range unveiled 
Rapha has followed its colourful Spring/Summer collection with a similarly eclectic mix of garments, including new takes on perennial favourites and increasing their cyclocross line. Style, as ever, beautifully combined with quality design and construction. More

Review: Polaris Bikewear S/S collection 
Polaris has been on the British cycling scene for over 20-years providing affordable kit for cyclists of all disciplines. Now it's upping its game to compete with the increasing number of brands on the market. We take a look at Polaris' Spring & Summer collection. More

Review: Five of the Best Winter Gloves 
Getting the right jacket for deep winter riding is essential. Wheelsuckers' member Gareth George whittled it down to a shortlist of three, before finally plumping for the stylish Castelli Espresso Due. But was he pleased with his final decision? More

Review: Castelli Espresso Due Jacket 
Getting the right jacket for deep winter riding is essential. Wheelsuckers' member Gareth George whittled it down to a shortlist of three, before finally plumping for the stylish Castelli Espresso Due. But was he pleased with his final decision? More

Five of the Best: Winter Bib Tights 
Your legs are the pistons that will keep you moving forward through the short, dark days of winter so investing in a decent pair of bib tights to keep them protected from the elements is vitally important. We slip into 5 of the best. More

Review: Gore Power Windstopper AS Jacket 
Rory Owen went shopping for a cycling jacket that would provide comfort against the chill of his Spring rides. He opted for the Power Windstopper Active Shell Jacket from Gore Bike Wear. Read what he thinks of his latest purchase. More

Five of the Best: Packable Waterproofs 
Few things are more certain in life than if you cycle you will get wet. But with a packable waterproof  in your rear pocket, you'll never be caught unprepared! We've selected five of the best currently on the market and have some hints on what to look out for when buying this essential part or your cycling wardrobe. More

Castelli Viziata winter jersey 
Having received some Wiggle vouchers for Christmas, Michelle Highfield went in search for a new winter jersey and plumped for the Castelli Viziata jersey in the very eye-catching magenta and white. Castelli claim that the Viziata jersey is the 'complete winter jersey', but does Michelle agree? More

Rapha Classic Softshell Jacket 
This is a 'classic' in the sense that Rapha believe the design and performance of this winter jacket is second to none - an exceptional garment that is not only timeless, but performs year on year. Helen Ashford tests their claim with female version of the Rapha Classic Softshell Jacket. More

Schwalbe Durano Plus tyres 
With wet weather, floods, standing water, 14 flats in as many rides and that perennial debate among road cyclists (which are the best winter tyres?) Dave Nash puts a set of Schwalbe Durano Plus 25c tyres to the test. More

Prendas Air Tunnel winter gloves
As a happy customer of Prendas' winter overshoes and over-socks, James Piggot, tries out the company's Air Tunnel winter gloves and they've now become his glove of choice on his colder rides-out. Find out why. More

Aftershokz Sportz M2 headphones
Keen cyclists and musicphile, Walt Cundy, listens to his favourite bands with a neat set of Aftershokz Sportz M2 headphones. These use bone conduction technology to transmit sound through to the inner ear leaving the middle and outer ear free to hear ambient noises, including the sound of approaching vehicles... More

Wheelsuckers' 2013 Christmas Gift Guide 
Yes, it's that time of year again, when we road cyclists are inclined to drop unsubtle hints to our nearest and dearest about what we hope to find under the Christmas tree. We've put our heads together to come up with a diverse list of 22 ideas Presents, we think you'll not only want, but your friends & family might actually want to give you! More

The Wheelsuckers' 2013 Christmas Books Guide
2013 was a bumper year for cycling books and with the help of our guide to the best of them (plus a few heavy hints to your family and friends) you may be lucky enough to find a few of them in your stocking on Christmas morning. More

Five of the Best: Winter Overshoes
Malevolent skies and the bite of a northerly wind are two of the biggest enemies of the winter cyclist. Time to get the comfort of your feet sorted before the worst of the weather. Dave Nash finds that wearing a decent pair of overshoes is the key to a much happier place. More

Book Review: The Elite Bicycle
Wheelsuckers' Member, Julian Smart, reviews a new book that delves into the rich heritage & cultural history of the artists and craftsmen whose ideas and creativity paved the way for the current popularity of cycling. More

Five of the Best: Winter Hats
A decent winter hat, that keeps the icy cold at bay, yet does not overheat or impair hearing, is an absolute necessity for the road cyclist. Here's our pick of the bunch, to suit all tastes and budgets, which will help you to endure the chill of the coming months! More

Strava Route Builder
Strava's free Route Builder is a great new tool that taps into the wealth of ride data provided by its members. Plotting new routes has never been easier and despite a few shortcomings, Dave Nash compares the experience to a benevolent spirit guiding his hand. More

Gore Bike Wear Softshell Arm & Knee Warmers
Don't be too hasty to pack away your bib shorts and short sleeve jerseys. As we move into Autumn, these arm and knee warmers will keep your winter cycling wardrobe at bay for a few more weeks. Dave Nash tries them on. More

Rapha Super Lightweight Jersey and Bib Shorts
Rapha's super lightweight jersey is squarely aimed at the cyclist riding in hot and humid conditions. With Summer finally here, we spray on our fake tan and road test a jersey that might, perhaps, be better suited for the roads of Thailand rather than Tyneside. More

Gis Gelati: If Lady Gaga was a cycling jersey
Do you want to stand out from the crowd? The retro GiS Gelati cycling jersey is possibly the most outrageously flamboyant jersey currently on the market. We take a look and delve into its vivid history! More

Prendas Ciclismo 1989 ADR Jersey and Bibs
The latest replica jersey from Prendas Ciclismo celebrates one of the greatest champions and the narrowest of victories in the Tour de France. With an XXXXXXL size, now we can all get to look like Greg LeMond! More

Book Review: Mapping Le Tour
It's quite a simple formula, but surprisingly no one has thought to do it before. Take all 100 editions of the Tour de France, place them in chronological order and include a full page route map for each edition. We take a look at what "Mapping Le Tour" has to offer. More

Cyclingnews' Tour de France Smartphone App
If you want to keep up-to-date with all that’s happening in the Tour de France then grab this great smartphone app. As well as in-depth race info, commentary & analysis, you get live GPS tracking with riders' data. And it's free! More

Gore Bike Wear Xenon 2.0
These bib shorts and jersey are a high-end combination for both sexes, specifically for riding in the heat. With summer finally here, will they keep you cool during a sweltering day in the saddle? Nick Williamson checks them out in Mallorca. More

Maglia Rosa: Triumph & Tragedy at the Giro d'Italia
We review the updated second edition of the celebrated Maglia Rosa. Arguably one of the most engaging and illuminating cycling books ever written. More

Rapha Team Sky Replica Kit
Rapha and replica kit are two topics that are guaranteed to divide opinion. Put them together and it gets very interesting. Dave Nash road tests Rapha's Team Sky replica jersey and bib shorts and finds that, should one wish to do so, mere mortals can emulate Sir Brad and his black knights without breaking the bank. More

Five of the Best Retro Cycling Jerseys
With the Giro d'Italia only a few weeks away, what better time to celebrate some classic Italian cycling chic with our selection of retro jerseys that reflect the cycling heritage and passion of Italy. More

Book Review: Seven Deadly Sins
A great book that details Walsh's 13-year pursuit of Lance Armstrong. It's an absorbing tale, pitting journalistic integrity against a deceit on a massive scale. Review by Wheelsuckers' member, Freddie Shires. More

The "World’s First Smart Cycling-Helmet"
A Terminator-like Head-Up-Display for cyclists won't be appearing in your LBS anytime soon. However, one enterprising company plans to add aerospace technology to our humble skid lid and they want you to invest in it! We think that maybe it's just a little too soon to reach into your wallet. More

Sensa Umbria Tiagra
If you're looking for a sub-£600 road bike with a decent groupset, the Sensa Umbria Tiagra might just be the ticket. But how does it ride and stack up against similarly priced road bikes, the Specialized Allez and Trek 1.5? Wheelsuckers' Member, Jamie Ewbank, gives his thoughts. More

Roadhawk RIDE HD Camera
Many of us now use cameras to record our rides, mostly for the fun of it, but the footage could be evidence if you're unfortunate enough to be involved in an altercation with another road user. The Roadhawk RIDE is a new 720p HD camera and at just 32 grams, 8.5cm long and up to 8hrs recording time, we find it packs a big punch for its size. More

Five of the Best Winter Gloves
As the snow and the cold temperatures return to the UK this week, keeping yourself warm on your bike is essential if you want to keep your winter riding regime on track. Hands are particularly vulnerable to icy winds, but what makes a decent pair of winter gloves? We give you the low down and suggest 5 of the best gloves on the market. More

Rapha's Team Sky Supporters Collection
Rapha, the official clothing supplier for Team Sky for the next four years, has rolled out its extensive Supporters Collection, which features a range of garments to wear on and off the bike and an opportunity for diehard Team Sky fans to nail their colours firmly to the mast. We see what's on offer and how deep our pockets will need to be. More

Five of the Best: Free Mobile Cycling Apps
Got a smartphone? Then you'll want these apps! Our top 5 picks of the best freebie cycling apps for iPhone and Android: iTire Pressure, Strava, Team Sky, BikeHub and MyFitnessPal. More

OneLifeiD Squadra ID Band
The Squadra ID band from OneLifeiD is a stylish, sports ID bracelet with a unique, personalised QR code/PIN system for Emergency/Lost & Found. After riding with his, Wheelsuckers' member Middle Ringer reckons he'll never ride without one again. More

Gore Bike Wear Phantom 2.0 Jacket
If the recent chill exposed a gap in your cycling wardrobe for a winter jacket that will keep the worst of the cold at bay, then the Phantom 2.0 jacket from Gore Bike Wear might just be the answer. More

H2Glow: The Illuminating Water Bottle
Water bottles are essential but not the most interesting cycling accessory - unless, of course it has LEDs and glows in the dark! Dave Nash has one and assumes cephalopod-like bioluminescence. More

Garmin Edge 810 and Edge 510
Two updates in 2013 to the Edge GPS product range for cyclists: the Edge 810 and its baby brother, the Edge 510. For the 810 it's less of a major new product and more of a technology-enabler with social bells & whistles while the Edge 510 does get a nice face-lift. We take a first look. More

Le Col B3 Winter Jacket
From the label founded by Pro Cyclist, Yanto Barker, LeCol competes with the likes of Rapha at the top end of the clothing market. But is it worth the money? Nick Williamson test-rides LeCol's winter jacket around the suitably cold country lanes of Oxfordshire. More

Lezeyne Femto Drive LED lights
Pitched at both the commuter and the road cyclist, we see if these little bundles of light pack sufficient punch for your journey home. More

Giordana Silverline Windtex Jacket
A winter jacket that fuses cutting edge fabrics, quality performance and comfort with genuine Italian style. We road test the Giordana Silverline Windtex Jacket to find out if this is all too good to be true. More

"Polite Notice" Hi-Visibility Vest
Fed up of being squeezed off the road by inconsiderate drivers, Wheelsuckers' Member, Dr Fiona Whitehouse takes to the mean streets of Oxford UK in an unusual high-visibility vest.. More

Killing the Dead Spot with non-circular chainrings
Wiggins and Team Sky uses them. So too does Garmin Sharp. But the amateur peloton has been a little slow to catch up on this technical innovation. We reveal why non-circular chainrings may have finally come of age. More

Bike-Eye: Cycle safe. Keep your cool
The recent accidents involving Bradley Wiggins and Shane Sutton once again highlight the vulnerability of all cyclists. We review Bike-Eye, an accessory that just might improve your safety on the road. More

BeSpoke – the New Cycling Show on Radio 5 Sport Live
Radio 5 Sport Live's latest cycling show had its first airing last Friday with Colin Murray presenting. Is this the radio show we've been waiting for? We listen in. More

Coppi - Inside the Legend of the Campionissimo
An intriguing view into the life and career of the great Italian cyclist, Fausto Coppi seen through the eyes of his former rivals and team mates. Written by Herbie Sykes, who penned the wonderful history of the Giro d'Italia, Maglia Rosa. More

Le Métier - the Seasons of a Professional Cyclist
Ex-Pro cyclist Michael Barry's eloquent study of the life of the domestique. Le Métier details the demands, suffering and sacrifice that the professional cyclist has to endure and wonderfully evokes the obsessive, addictive relationship they all share with their sport. More

21 Days to Glory: The Official Team Sky Book of the 2012 Tour de France
The official Team Sky behind the scenes story of how the 2012 Tour de France was won. Featuring the stunning photography of Scott Mitchell it looks great but is it the  'must have' for the cycling fan? We give our verdict. More

Mark Cavendish: Born to Race DVD
We review the DVD that charts the rise and rise of the World Champion with 23 Tour de France stage wins to his name and arguably the fastest man on a bike. More

The Secret Race: Inside the Hidden World of the Tour de France: Doping, Cover-ups, and Winning at All Costs
Wheelsuckers' member Greg Russell reviews the book that blew the lid off the Armstrong & U.S. Postal Service Pro Cycling Team doping scandal. More

World's Ultimate Cycling Races
We review 'The World's Ultimate Cycling Races': a guide to the eclectic races that take place around the globe throughout the year. More

The Wheelsuckers' Christmas Gift Guide
With only a few weeks to Christmas, now is the time to be dropping hints as to what you want to find in your stocking. Need some ideas? Then check out our handy Xmas list of 'essential' gifts for cyclists. More

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