Giro d'Italia 2012, Stages 1-3 How The Race Was Won

As the Giro really gets underway in Italy today following its brief sojourn in Denmark and yesterday's Team Time Trial (won in emphatic style by Garmin-Barracuda) now is the chance to look back over the first three days, courtesy of the brilliant and idiosyncratic analysis of Cosmo Catalano of
As Cosmo says himself, he tries 'to write posts that challenge prevailing wisdom in the cycling world, and peel back layers of analysis beyond what you generally get from the mainstream news sites'.
He also has a good in-depth knowledge of racing and tactics, coupled with an ability to comment on a race succinctly. And all of this sprinkled with a liberal dose of humour and irony. Not fawning as many blogs can be about the professional peloton - hell, in this video he even has the audacity to poke fun at Taylor Phinney's questionable tactics to get back into the bunch after a mechanical! Good fun and informative too!

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Comment by Andy Dawson on May 10, 2012 at 10:08
Another great tactical summary from our Mr Catalano

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